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young bird especially of domestic fowl

informal terms for a (young) woman

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Delayed placement can result into dehydration of chicks which may cause high chick mortality and or reduced growth rates.
After the droppings are removed, dry the baby chick and return it to the brooder.
Collection of blood samples: Blood samples from each experimental chick in every group were collected at one week interval for determining HI antibody production against the vaccinated AI viruses.
Speaking at the occasion, Crescent Star Foods and Crescent Star Insurance Chairman and CEO Naim Anwar stated: We are pleased to announce the launch of the first ever Golden Chick franchise in Pakistan.
The children were able to look inside the eggs through a bright light and could see the chicks moving about, and could also hear them squawking.
At this time, Ski Dubai is awaiting results from DNA testing to determine the gender of the chick.
Currently, Ski Dubai is awaiting results from DNA testing to determine the gender of the chick.
The minimum space to begin with is about six square inches per chick.
Understanding the factors contributing to high chick mortality rates in the central Wisconsin population and developing management techniques to improve it, or even surpass what could naturally occur, are essential for this population to become self-sustaining.
You could see veins growing and then at the end the whole chick.
The 3 months of biparental care of their single altricial chick is followed by 9-14 months of uniparental care by the mother (Diamond, 1972, 1973; osorno, 1999; Osorno and Szekely, 2004).
They have one chick, which makes the interactions between parent and offspring easier to study," explained lead researcher, Dr Keith Hamer.
THE firstborn chick of a breeding pair of ospreys has died.
A LIVERPOOL vet helped save a peregrine falcon chick after it was seriously injured in an attack by crows.
With coots, a host chick may die for each parasitic chick that lives.