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an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water

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La problematique de la chicha constitue une preoccupation majeure de nos jours.
These festivals were important to Wari society--between one and two hundred local political elites would attend, and they would drink chicha from three-foot-tall ceramic vessels decorated to look like Wari gods and leaders.
A thick layer of fog had also blanketed national highway at Thokar, Manga Mandi, Phoolnagar, Jambar, Pattoki, Sahiwal, Chicha Watni and Mian Chanu and reduced the speed limitfrom zero to fifty meters.
Regional health director Jhon Tinco told a local radio station that the victims said they had eaten a meat dish and a fermented corn drink called chicha.
In the Andes, the drink of choice for celebrants is often chicha. In general, the term chicha refers to any locally produced fermented beverage (D.
We've had a few injuries over the course of the season but when you've Chicha (Javier Hernandez) and Lanzini running off him it's unplayable.
On the Breaking Borders tour, you learn the history of organized crime in the neighborhood, take in outstanding city views, visit the homes of former gang members, and, if you're lucky, try some loca l chicha (homemade hooch made from fermented corn).
Los ritos propiciatorios se inician al finalizar la cosecha de papa en mayo, ya que los campesinos deben seleccionar la semilla, que sera utilizada en noviembre; preparar la chicha de maiz y elaborar los artefactos para las ceremonias.
Where you can find it in Liverpool: Peruvian street food restaurant, Chicha, opened on Bold Street towards the end of last year and has quickly proven a success.
During the Tawantinsuyu or Inca Empire, chicha (corn beer) consumption, politics, and human sacrifices were intimately intertwined with reciprocity, alliances, and hospitality, which were key components of the Inca state's goals of conquest, control, and expansion (Morris, 1974; Morris and Thompson, 1985; Dillehay, 2003; Morris and Covey, 2003; Bray, 2009; Morris et al., 2011).
D'autres cafes, qu'on appelle communement [beaucoup moins que] khaima [beaucoup plus grand que], proposent a la une de leur menu toute une gamme de preparations pour [beaucoup moins que] fumer de la chicha [beaucoup plus grand que].