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an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water

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Noting that converted Indians no longer drank the fermented brew called chicha, Chitalin resisted the notion of baptism until Paucke introduced him to yerba mate, the caffeine-rich tea of the pampa.
Specialising in screenprinting and lettering, Elliot's style celebrates the tradition of the Cartel Chicha whose colourful murals transformed grey industrial areas of Peru's capital.
Chicha numbers, however, are bang on the expected rate, and it was good to hear one singing as I stepped out of my front door on Friday.
The mayor of Jonglei state's Bor municipality, Nhial Majak Nhial, holds a pipe used to smoke chicha found during a town clean up on 21 March 2015 (ST)
Joshua Tucker's chapter on chicha traces the evolution of cumbia in Peru alongside concurrent sociocultural and geopolitical developments which found indigenous Andean communities migrating to Lima, the coastal capital.
The ex-president -- currently serving a jail sentence of up to 38 years in his home country on charges of corruption and employing death squads -- was recently sentenced to an additional eight years for having bought the editorial lines of a group of newspapers called La Chicha Press to smear opposition figures during the election campaign, demonizing critical intellectuals and discrediting all criticism with well-organized character assassinations.
Before heading into the forest to burn the offering, Daniel pours some ceremonial tipples onto the earth - wine, chicha (corn beer) and that prized beverage, Coca-Cola - and wafts an eagle feather dipped in water up and down my spine.
The accused had killed a man in Chicha Watni, district Sahiwal.
With Chicha on loan and Danny going to Arsenal, it's given me a great opportunity.
at vill Karelagarh,Estt for Shifting of 11 KV line crossing oyer Govt High School at vill Chicha,Estt for providing 12 nos PCC mid span of LT line at various vill,Estt for Replacement of 01 no damaged RSJ pole at vill Killapara
Yamunaque was raised in Chulucanas, Piura in a family of potters who made wares for all the different stages of chicha production, a traditional fermented corn beer.
14) Marie-Therese Chicha, A Comparative Analysis of Promoting Pay Equity: Models and Impacts (Geneva, International Labour Office, 2006) [working paper] at 6.
The Wari were shown to be a wide-reaching civilization rich in camelid (llama and alpaca) as well as agricultural resources, for whom feasting with food and chicha (Andean corn beer) was a way of life.
I think Chicha did that and he's done great - his movement in the box is terrific," he said.
Taking influences from the Chicha style of Cumbia popularised in 60s Peru, surf guitar and musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix and The Pixies, the band''s debut album Fongo has just been released to wide acclaim.