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Synonyms for chicane

a bridge hand that is void of trumps

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a movable barrier used in motor racing

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the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)

defeat someone through trickery or deceit

raise trivial objections


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The German also wanted to ensure there was no repeat of last year's multiple pile-up at the second chicane, which led to the death of a local fire marshal who was struck by a wheel.
The first race was abandoned after only five laps following a nasty collision in the ultra tight Gerrard's chicane.
Monza isn't just about top speed though, as a fast lap requires stability under braking and over the vicious kerbs which guard the chicanes.
While Hamilton was punished for cutting the chicane at Spa, at least six other drivers broke white line rules - at the chicane and other spots - yet they escaped punishment.
Dudley Council introduced chicanes on the Russells Hall estate in 1998 as part of a wider road safety scheme in the area.
They include a new children's play area, new seats in communal areas, handrails with an anti-slip covering, chicanes in roads to bar access to motorcycles, and extra security lights.
Mallory Park is not the fastest circuit, but it offers a decent straight with Goddard's bend, a mega fast 180 degree right hander, a couple of chicanes and a first gear hairpin to sort out the handling of any bike.
CAN anyone please tell me who is it that designates where chicanes and bus stops should go?
But I have to say I'm none too impressed with the chicanes, especially the first one, which has been changed for this year's race.
I would have preferred to have done more laps in the morning but at least after the second session, I've more experience of the first and second chicanes.
They replaced a series of chicanes, which were removed after causing traffic congestion.
10), the reason the chicanes were put on Plantation Road in Redcar was to protect the house on the corner of Larkswood Road.
IS there a solid body of evidence to support the belief that traffic calming measures, in particular road humps and chicanes, actually help the cause of road safety?
In qualifying Tunstall averaged over 110mph for the lap, which includes two chicanes, placing him second of the Cup contenders.