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inversion in the second of two parallel phrases

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The reversal of sounds in a chiasmus is attractive, memorable, and sometimes fascinating.
Farrin and some of his predecessors argue that ignorance of the structure and method of chiasmus and its centrality in Islams holy book has caused the uninitiated (which apparently includes a large segment of the entire tafsir tradition) to miss the compelling and perfectly coherent narratological profile of the Quran.
Because polyptoton is perhaps not as familiar as, say, the similar turn of chiasmus, it warrants an initial description.
In Jakobson's chiasmus the relationship between morphological function and signification is a case of scenario 4: positive expression with zero content and vice versa.
That is to say, the narrative structure of the episode takes the form of a chiasmus, a rhetorical and structural device that is pervasive in sacred texts (15) (derived from chiasmos: "crossing" and chiazein: "to mark with the letter Chi [X]")--insofar as the stories of Krzysztof and Irena are inversely parallel to each other: if it can be argued that Krzysztof has embarked on a difficult journey from doubt to faith, Irena takes a correspondingly difficult journey from a secure, even complacent faith towards a nullifying doubt.
These ludic curatorial poems are the weakest in the book, in which Olsen's fondness for chiasmus and anadiplosis can become as tedious as slogans and the puns and phonemic play are too heavy-handed.
It is called chiasmus, and Greek and Latin poets were very fond of it.
Chiasmus, a term crossing, forming a parallel or an antithesis: "As our cities are not conceived for the car, our cars are conceived for the city" (Volkswagen); hypallage, a change of assigning to certain words what would logically belong to others : "Hiring Super, it's Citer" (Citer, a make of car hire, instead of saying "Hiring Citer, it's super"); antonymy, a very interesting figure, and also much-used to achieve a persuasive effect: "The less you drive, the faster you go"(Air Inter), "When you buy the first TV set, buy the last Sony"(Sony).
We observe, for example, how the chiasmus in "the soil was full of sunlight, and the sunlight full of red dust" serves to fixate momentarily upon the image of sunlight (hinged by the "and") and then move away from it, and yet in this movement there is also predictability as the sentence moves almost (but not entirely) back upon itself, from soil to red dust.
51) See Fineman, "Shakespeare's Will" 61, for an analysis of this sawing motion in relation to chiasmus.
Ontology and theology are held together in a kind of chiasmus.
To co-opt a chiasmus of Kant: moral arguments without moral passions are empty; but moral passions without moral arguments are blind.
Looking attentively to the three treatises as a whole, I was left with the impression that they were framed as concentric symmetry, involving an inverted order of corresponding elements; an ancient composition pattern with remote oral origins in the Greco-Roman world, shaped by traditional rhetoric and usually called chiasmus (34).
The development towards this complex and multi-leveled concept is carried forward through the analysis of the three chiasms which Weinman sees as central to Woolf's representation of the crisis of the subject, insofar as they point "to the impossibility of stable subjectivity" (23) The dynamics originating from the model of the chiasmus, with its relations of "mutual interdependence" (14), further clarifies the author's talent for investigations which attempt to go beyond given dichotomies and definitions to propose more integrated views of central issues such as the formation of individuality and its relation to body and language.
Other forms of variation are used in the test displacements, like the emphatic "damn" ({the damn dog to do his business} [right arrow] the dug to do his damn business}); tense variations ({it's going to he ruining) [right arrow] (in the rain}, {who will be waiting} [right arrow] {I'm the one uniting}); semantic variation on polysemy through anianaclasis ({lap gin} [right arrow] {in my mother's lap}), through synonymy {dog [right arrow] mutt [right arrow] spitz), or letter chiasmus {lap [right arrow] pal}, sound variation through paronomasia {[spitz [right arrow] shits, cropped [right arrow] carpet, maddened [right arrow] damned}), alliteration ({my mom made} or {wet wind waiting}), polyptoton ({tasty [right arrow] tasted) or {yapped [right arrow] yappy}).