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of or relating to a chiasm

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Cartesian change, chiasmic change: The power of living expression.
Reading Conrad through James and James through Conrad, this section will trace a chiasmic link between the two plots.
In a chiasmic structure, the passage mentions intimacy by framing the accident between two references to politics.
Since human beings are hermeneutical by nature, all this can be expressed in chiasmic fashion: 'Ohne Da-sein, kein Sein; ohne Sein, kein Da-sein (without human being, no being; without being, no human being)'.
So I close with this chiasmic toast: "Here's champagne to our real friends, and real pain to our sham friends.
18) The entire text is shot through with morpho-lexical parallelisms and syntagmatic echoes following a rigorously chiasmic logic, essentially transforming the text into a kind of proleptic loop, or trou, articulated around a pivotal intersection at stanzas six and seven, both of which anaphorically open on similar adverbial/locative groups, are prosodically linked by interweaving assonant and alliterative echoes ("Quand sous/Ouand ce trou"), and contain sememes situated in proximate lexico-semantic fields: "quand sous les poutres enfumees/ quand ce trou chaud souffle la vie" (Rocher, "Les possibilites,, 310).
The concluding chiasmic structure--"In the fading light .
This fleshy thingly entwinement is of course Merleau-Ponty's phenomenological insight: flesh is our chiasmic interrelationship with our lifeworld whereby 'I see and am seen, I touch and am touched; it is the means of communication between ourselves and the world' (Kozel, 2007: p276).
48) He complements this portrait by thinking about its theoretical consequences and placing them in the wider context of his ontology of a dynamically unfolding chiasmic world.
On the same page Holy reveals his true name as Hoover Shoats, and this change--from a lexicon of the holy to that of a vacuum cleaner--signals a chiasmic revision of the novel's previous treatment of religion and commodity culture.
In my own work I have invoked chiasmic depth as thin relief.
Chapter three features a similar reading of Les Liaisons dangereuses, focusing on the Prevan cycle at the juncture of the chiasmic structural organization of the novel into groups of 50, 37, 37, and 50 letters.
In investing dwelling with such an attitude, lived spaces are no longer instrumental, but markers that announce "the chiasmic crossing of the fourfold" (de Vries 458).
Whether it is JC's "strong opinions" or Costello's cantankerous lectures, the chiasmic transfer of textual value from the mechanics of narrative fiction to the avowal of unfashionable beliefs can nevertheless only take place inside a novelistic form--a form in the process of disintegrating as the transfer proceeds.
15) This model enables the philosopher to eliminate crucial dichotomies such as the external and the internal, the visible and the invisible or the subject and the object and it also introduces a reflexivity grounded in the very chiasmic relationship of such categories.