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Synonyms for chiasmal

of or relating to a chiasm

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Lesions of the optic chiasm can produce a variety of visual field defects including bitemporal hemianopia, junctional scotoma (anterior chiasmal defect), quadrantanopia and bitemporal, or unilateral temporal scotoma depending on the site and extent of the lesion.
Its presentation is nonspecific and includes headache as well as visual field impairment due to chiasmal compression.
12] deficiency; other inflammatory disorders (sarcoidosis, vasculitis and lupus); infections; ischaemia (usually abrupt onset, painless, horizontal altitudinal field defect); and optic nerve, chiasmal or other local tumours.
The chiasmal pun here celebrates the unruly identifications that the twins would embrace throughout their career in the public eye.
The disproportion, which oscillates inflating/deflating subject and object relations in a chiasmal way, indicates a scarcity of sustainable relation, but the oscillation also outflanks anything that might forbid a bond between the relations to arise.
Forty two patients with optic chiasmal craniopharyngioma, confirmed by computerized tomography (CT) and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, were included in the study.
Visual field defects can broadly arise from lesions occurring pre-chiasmal, chiasmal or postchiasmal.