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an intersection or crossing of two tracts in the form of the letter X

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For the "anamorphic effect" is in the nature of a mnemonic tribute to the abstract decorative patterns in Islamic architecture--the counterpoint to Minimalism in her aesthetic imaginary--and the geometric basis of the optical haze of coloured light is her appropriately abstract and secular transposition of the chiasma of the numinous and the luminous that is the exemplary Islamic form of encomium to the sacred (figures 9a and 9b).
Cranial and pituitary magnetic resonance (MR) imaging revealed a mass with a size of approximately 3x3,5x3 cm which filled the base of the sella, obstructed the suprasellar cistern, formed crenation in the base of the third ventricle, compressed the left optic nevre and the optic chiasma on the left with regular borders having the same intensity as the heterogeneous gray matter in the T1A and T2A sequences and contrast enhancement following intravenous injection of contrast material (Figure 2).
The new capital will be used by Chiasma to develop its sales and marketing abilities and prepare for the U.
The pituitary gland is found beneath the hypothalamus and optic chiasma, within a bony hollow of the sphenoid bone.
From a total of 20 analyzed trivalents, all had only one chiasma per chromosome arm and 70% of them were distal, 35% interstitial and 5% proximal.
2011): "Note sul chiasma parola-immagine" in Tavani 2011, aqui citado, (pp.
Computed tomography and MRI of the head showed no abnormality of brain parenchyma, ventricles, vasculature, optic chiasma or other cranial nerves.
Shotter (2003) calls this intertwining chiasmic, and like the optic chiasma which gives vision depth, it is this that gives the conversation a life of its own and depth.
In the era in which disease models are dominated by biological psychiatry, it aptly addresses the chiasma between depth psycho-cultural issues and neuroscience.
It was causing suprasellar extension and abutment of optic chiasma.
For the chiasma, which rings-in the farmer simile, see 2c7-c1.
Linda Cummins, Debussy and the Fragment, Chiasma, 18 (New York: Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2006; originally presented as the author's Louisiana State University Ph.
The chromosomes in precocious migration in metaphases I may have originated from univalents in diakinesis or have been a result of precocious terminalization of chiasma and the late terminalization of these chiasmas makes the laggard chromosomes in anaphase I (SOUZA-KANESHIMA et al.