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an intersection or crossing of two tracts in the form of the letter X

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All information in this press release is as of the date of the release, and Chiasma undertakes no duty to update this information unless required by law.
Mar 05, 2015: Chiasma Announces New Data for Investigational Octreotide Capsules
The new capital will be used by Chiasma to develop its sales and marketing abilities and prepare for the U.
The pituitary gland is found beneath the hypothalamus and optic chiasma, within a bony hollow of the sphenoid bone.
Securities and Exchange Commission, Chiasma lists its headquarters as Newton Center, whereas the company s website says it is based in Jerusalem, Israel, where it does its research.
Sometimes, MRI enables visualization of deeper structures--such as the optic chiasma, pituitary stalk, and the pituitary--that are not visible on ultrasound.
The origin of the spinal column from the brain, the pineal body (resembling a pine cone), the structure of the eye and at least some of the cranial nerves (optic with optic chiasma, oculomotor, trigeminal, facial, auditory and hypoglossal nerves) were identified.
Also in 1976, George Butterick sent me Charles Olson's lecture notes (written in 1953) on the archaic past (published in 1978 as Olson #10: "The Chiasma, or Lectures in the New Sciences of Man").
There was erosion of the left dorsum sellae but no displacement or compression of the optic nerve or chiasma.
To more closely examine brain tissue for neuronal damage, three cross sections of brain (level of optic chiasma, caudal to mammillary bodies and caudal to transverse fibers of the pons) were stained with luxol fast blue-cresyl violet.
When they do occur, mucoceles isolated to the sphenoid sinus cause symptoms related to surrounding structures that are vulnerable to compression, including the pituitary gland, optic nerve, chiasma, and the structures found within the cavernous sinus.
These synecdoches often decompose into other figures, especially chiasma, which disturb the causal or temporal relations implied by the conventional form of synecdoche.
Each heterochromatic block, through its chiasma displacement effect, can keep in its proximity certain favorable allele combinations of different genes ("coadapted gene pools") (17).
This betrothal, of course, is followed by many complications--the feast is replaced by fourteen years of servitude, the marriage to Rachel is postponed by marriage to her sister Leah, Rachel's barrenness and Leah's fecundity seem, for a time, to call the significance of the betrothal with regard to the covenant into question--but as the narrative unfolds it is clear that Rachel's position as matriarch is a privileged one, one whose significance is signaled by the presence of chiasma.