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a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters

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For illustrating the chi-square test, each group of students is given a bag containing a mixture of white and black beans.
The chi-square test for ethnicity and perceived barriers to attaining career goals was significant ([chi squard] = 202.
Application of the F-test resolves the ambiguity of the chi-square test.
In this case a simple chi-square test can be used to test [H.
The chi-square test confirms a significant difference in the level of management involved in dispute settlement.
A descriptive analysis was done, and the 2 groups were compared by contingency table analysis using the Pearson chi-square test complemented by an analysis of residuals.
The results of an R by C chi-square test suggest that predation events were not evenly distributed among the spider families paired with A.
The second hypothesis was analyzed using a two-variable chi-square test.
Markwick also provided a possible explanation for the extremely small p value for Berger's chi-square test.
From Tables 4-9, according to Pearson Chi-square test, the factors significantly affecting the development of renal failure are more than 10 mg/dL bilirubin level, duration of jaundice more than 3 weeks, malignant disease, diabetes mellitus, operation time more than 3 hours, high total leucocyte count, low haematocrit, elevated creatinine and a high alkaline phosphatase level.
Chi-square test was used for qualitative variable(frequency of post-operative pain ,gender) and independent sample T-test for quantitative variable(age).
Among the topics are illustrative statistics, statistical testing, multivariate analysis of variance, chi-square test of independence and goodness of fit test, and and reliability in using SPSS to analyze questionnaires.
Table 1: Chi-square test for attitude of students to tradition based on Their Educational status of the father.