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requiring much chewing

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(of a consistency) requiring chewing

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Similarly, certain sensory texture attributes, including cohesiveness, hardness, particle size, bolus size, and chewiness of cooked chicken breast, had high positive correlations with shear force value (Liu et al.
The average values of chewiness, springiness, resilience, and gumminess displayed significant variations (P [less than or equal to] 0.
Scallops" and Butternut Curry (Serves 6) In this aromatic curry I use king oyster mushrooms to stand in for the scallops because they provide that perfect hearty base and offer a satisfying similar chewiness to that of scallops.
There are about 17 varieties of edible mussels differing in size, shape, color and, of course, flavor and relative chewiness.
SOBA Often made of pure buckwheat flour (thus gluten-free), these thin noodles have a nutty aroma and a pleasant chewiness.
Table 4 shows that additions of brown rice flour and emulsifier decreased evaluations of chewiness of bread samples so that the control and treatment [B.
While Bell's mullet doesn't have the mushroom-like chewiness of the fish cranked out at, for example, Cortez's Star Fish, it does possess a nice kick, a chili-and-cayenne heat that melds well with the fish's soft flesh.
The Mini Mughal good food show doesn't stop here -- the Seekh Kebabs ( ` 350) are an ode to spicy succulence; the Chicken Reshmi ( ` 240 / ` 440) melts in the mouth as you bite into its quilt of chickpea flour and egg yolks; the Chicken Tandoori ( ` 210 / ` 390), if you choose to ignore its overexpressed sunset hue, releases the most heart- warming juices; and the Mutton Burra ( ` 440) comes with the right balance of bite and chewiness.
The new functional flour enables the production of Clean Label pizzas with a soft, fluffy and juicy texture, a short bite with no chewiness or crumb flaking--manufactured with just four basic baking ingredients: Flour, water, salt and yeast.
There is no connective tissue which means grainy, chewiness gives way to succulence.
The streaky was cooked to perfection and offset by the subtle chewiness of the roll.
The dozen housewives who gathered in a Rome hotel recently took their work terribly seriously - rating plates of pasta for chewiness, saltiness, gumminess or done-ness.
The brownie wasn't cooked enough for us -- I expect a crisp top and chewiness rather than dense chocolate, but chocoholics would likely adore it.
It's not an easy dish to get right; the meat has to melt in the mouth, moist with the fat while the crackling has to have a crisp bite with no hint of chewiness and no danger of breaking teeth.
Cool on baking sheets then transfer to an air-tight container to retain chewiness once they're cool.