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requiring much chewing

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(of a consistency) requiring chewing

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On the other hand, chewiness of beef from semi-feed lot Sahiwal had significantly lower values than beef from other feeding strategies (P<0.
Hardness, gumminess, and chewiness of model sausages were affected by ageing period of lamb loins prior to freezing (p < 0.
Different parameters like hardness, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess and chewiness were studied through texture profile analysis.
It's not just that I like the contrast between the crunchy salt crystals and the egg-washed, sesame-coated chewiness of challah.
The upside is that chewiness is very satisfying and almost meaty.
It has delicious skin, and I would relish its chewiness even if it weren't a source of the antioxidant nasunin.
TVP are commonly used together to provide the desired quality, in texture, binding ability, desired amount of chewiness, or to make a product firmer or softer.
The chewiness of Tarantino's dialogue can also be an actor's dream, and his approach going in involves surrendering what might've been a grander design to the place where his characters take him.
Oats can create various textures: Left whole, rolled oats can add chewiness or crunchiness, depending on how long they're cooked.
The TPA test correlates well with sensory evaluation parameters such as hardness, springiness, gumminess, resilience and chewiness.
The crust of the fatayer has a slight sweetness as well and chewiness, which goes well with the very lightly sour spinach.
The use of the cheeks rather than the more flaky meat found on the rest of a fish, gave it that slight chewiness you associate with scampi, with a texture almost more like the squid in a calamari ring than a normal fish texture.
Don't worry, it will continue to cook while draining in a colander, and besides, a little chewiness isn't a terrible thing when it comes to pasta.