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Synonyms for chew

chew something over


Synonyms for chew

Synonyms for chew

a wad of something chewable as tobacco

Related Words

biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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In the postoperative period, the patient chewed gum at least three times for a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes during the 2nd, 4th, and 6th hours and they did not eat anything other than gum for the first six hours.
(Warning: The amount of fat in a long marrow bone could contribute to pancreatitis.) Knuckle bones, such as the end of the humerus or femur, can be chewed down and may be safer.
They noticed that both men and women had a higher mean heart rate while walking, and a higher change in heart rate from resting to moving state, if they chewed gum at the same time.
* Life time prevalence: Proportion of students who had ever chewed khat in their life time.
Prior to measuring the number of chews, the subjects, while using the earphone-type chewing-count measurement device, chewed one almond.
Patients who chewed gum received higher doses of intravenous opioids and lower doses of oral opioids than those who did not chew gum, although the only significant difference was for fentanyl (see Table 1).
Out of 118 subjects, 47 (40%) respondent replied they chewed betal nut and its products while 71(60.1%) said no.
If you give your dog rawhide or bully sticks, buy the largest ones you can find, even comically large, and throw them away when they get chewed down to a size that could possibly be swallowed.
The new research suggests the NHS could save up to PS2.8 million on dental treatments per year if all 12-year-olds chewed one piece of sugar-free gum per day.
Researchers presented a study in which people chewed almonds 10 times, 25 times, or 40 times.
The survey report showed that 73 percent girls and 23 percent boys were also chewing pan containing chalia, habit of chewing gutka was noted in 2.2 percent of the group, predominantly the boy's chewed gutka.
Researchers asked 38 participants--half of whom chewed gum, and half of whom did not--to complete a challenging 30-minute audio memory task.
The study found that those who chewed gum during the task had quicker reaction times and achieved more accurate results than others.
A study by Cardiff University, published in the British Journal of Psychology, found that people who chewed gum during an audio memory task were able to focus for longer compared to a non-gum group.
The chewing gum is ready to be used only after it has been chewed, divided in piles of different shades and colours and warmed up in a microwave.