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Synonyms for chew

chew something over


Synonyms for chew

Synonyms for chew

a wad of something chewable as tobacco

Related Words

biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

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The results showed that participants who chewed gum had quicker reaction times and more accurate results than the participants who didn't chew gum.
In the second test, students chewed the flavourless gum and tried to pick up the missing item in the sequence.
20) (2001) reported that patients with unilateral posterior crossbite chewed more slowly than did the controls, and after treatment their cycle duration was shortened to equal those of control values.
In later years he travelled to New York where he tried to get businessmen interested in making bicycle tyres out of catachouc, a natural gum the American Indians chewed.
And a study in the United Kingdom found that people who chewed gum while memorizing a list of words did about 25 percent better at recalling those words than people who didn't chew gum.
There's no doubt about it: chewed chewing gum is hard to clean up if it ends up anywhere except in a trashcan.
As part of a study by Viewpoint High School sisters Dominique and Gabrielle Massoth, the Canoga Park youngsters chewed gum that contained xylitol, a substance found to significantly reduce the bacteria that causes tooth decay.
Researchers at the University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore have now documented such damage in two patients who chewed aspirin regularly to relieve headache pain.
Those who chewed gum (the real stuff, not air bubbles) did better on tests and memorizing things than those who didn't.
There is a moment - roughly three minutes in - when the chewed gum grows dull.
In a test of three groups of university students, one chewed sugar-free gum, a second mimed chewing gum and a third didn't chew.
Chewed gum hardens into a gloppy mess that sticks to and stains everything.
For four hours after they finished chewing the full-fat cream cheese, their average blood triglyceride levels were higher than after they chewed the fat-free cream cheese suggesting that the full-fat cream cheese made them handle the safflower oil differently.
So they chewed tobacco to keep their mouths from getting too dry.
To study the effects of different types of gum on dental decay, researchers divided 1,000 children in Belize into four groups: those who chewed gum containing sugar, or one of two different artfficial sweeteners sorbitol or xylitol.