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easy to cut or chew


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He demanded of the Sindh government strictly implement on ban on the use of all chewable and non-chewable tobacco products throughout the Sindh province and launch a comprehensive crackdown on online selling drugs to make society free from all kinds of drugs.
This is a significant step forward in the Alcon eye vitamin portfolio and extends the range of patients whose eye health needs can be met by our products, while also offering a flavorful, convenient chewable formula," said Jeff Huffman, marketing director, OTC marketing, eye drops and vitamins, at Alcon.
Systane ICaps Chewable AREDS2 Eye Vitamin contains ingredients used in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2), a clinical trial conducted by the National Eye Institute that evaluated the effects of various combinations of nutrients on the progression of AMD.
The line includes individual directly compressible sweeteners, customized combination blends of sweeteners, drum-to-hopper chewable tablet starter bases, and smooth dissolve bases.
A fresh notification will be issued to ban chewable tobacco.
BioGaia's chewable tablets are sold in 44 countries, in 23 of which under the company's own trade mark.
They were found selling loose cigarettes to minors and banned products such as chewable tobacco products.
They found that the chewable aspirin consistently showed greater and more rapid absorption than the regular aspirin, whether swallowed whole or chewed.
EN typically recommends opting for liquid or chewable multis if you have trouble swallowing pills.
Complete essential fatty acid (EFA) solutions provider, Bioriginal (Stand 1065), will be putting fun and flavour into EFAs at this year's Vitafoods exhibition, with an innovative new range of chewable flavoured softgels.
Children's Claritin Chewable Tablets (Ioratadine 5 mg, Schering-Plough HealthCare Products)
The new strawberry-flavored chewable tablet can be taken by 5-year-old infants to adults.
I have trouble swallowing big pills (calcium, for example), and have read advice to buy chewable versions.
The public health implications of these findings may be substantial, since aspartame is used in about 6,000 products, and more than 200 million people regularly consume aspartame through foods, beverages, drugs (such as chewable vitamins), and hygiene products (such as toothpaste).
The researchers didn't analyze the use of chewable antacids.