chew the fat

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It was always a pleasure to chew the fat whenever we met at southern racecourses.
Perhaps Scotland's image abroad has been burnished by the sight of the world's most powerful men gathering to chew the fat.
Hotel staff showed a preference for deadbeat Dominicans, feeding them prime pork while the Brits were left to chew the fat.
There you can chew the fat with some confirmed old bachelor types, or perhaps let some young cove try his hand with a quick sports massage.
After the screening, bizzers retired to giant outdoor Jacuzzis to chew the fat on the day's docs.
A lively session of mutual appreciation preceded an open invitation for delegates to stay and chew the fat over a cup of tea.
Wish you were there: More than 14,000 folks may have filled the boxes and benches, but only a chosen few got to chew the fat - and some gourmet eats, too - at a pre-concert gig (hint: if you paid upward of $1,000 for a front-row pool box, you were at the party).
Do they think we just sit around and chew the fat each morning on what's in the news?
Quick, get us a part-time job on the tills at Twilight star Robert Pattinson's local so we can chew the fat over a loaf of bread.
Disgruntled locals chew the fat in a pizza parlour run by Italian Danny Aiello and his irate sons.
The after-show party was a time to chew the fat with old friends like Auf Weidersehen Pet writer Ian La Frenais, who had flown in from Mumbai to attend, the hysterically funny Brendan Healy who has had his own fight for fitness recently, and Jeff Brown from the Beeb.
The party sees the return of some of the We Love favourites among them Derrick May and Carl Craig, James Zabiela, Paul Woolford, Claude Von Stroke, Chew The Fat and, of course, Alfredo.
Many of the local characters meet to relax and chew the fat.
We lost touch and I would dearly love to say hello via the Examiner and chew the fat with an old friend.