chew the fat

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We lost touch and I would dearly love to say hello via the Examiner and chew the fat with an old friend.
We'd chew the fat for hours - increasingly incoherently if a bout became a binge.
Jasmine and boozy Miles chew the fat about Nicola - whom they both hate.
TO readers who are obsessed with the cost of the National Assembly to taxpayers, here is something to chew the fat over.
Sure it's nice to loll on a chair and chew the fat with friends while aromatic smoke fills the air.
Price seems to be treating the week as a social occasion in recent years, while Clarke is not one to hide his light under a bushel when the drinks start flowing and hordes of rich amateurs want to chew the fat.
It enjoys a steady passing trade, particularly at weekends but most nights you get the chance to chew the fat with friendly villagers.
Though it ended with a handshake and a smile I didn't hang around at the end of the evening to chew the fat with Megson over chairman Paul Thompson, especially as Hawthorns' rottweiler Darren Moore was licking his lips, awaiting another plate of red meat.
Mr Eldridge said the extent of the general slowdown depended on "how many doom and gloom merchants chew the fat and talk themselves down".
It's the notoriously thirsty former player and manager's job to meet and greet fans, and chew the fat with them over the big football issues of the day.
Iley was manager of Bury at the time and his old boss Joe Harvey used to phone him regularly to chew the fat.
They ditched the terrace insults to chew the fat over the looming fate of their beloved teams.
Waggoners and farmers from the district would sit to chew the fat as their horses had their hooves pared and shoes fitted.
The elderly gents pictured left on the benches in Denby Dale War Memorial Park took advantage of any sunny day to chew the fat.