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V-shaped sleeve badge indicating military rank and service

an inverted V-shaped charge

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Use of Chevron with Techron can help clean up fuel-related deposits left in engine intake systems, and keep these systems clean.
com/oil-earnings-preview-ugly-results-tap-exxon-mobil-corp-xom-chevron-corp-cvx-2359990) had expected Chevron to report a loss of 20 cents per share on $21.
Editor's Note: InsideCounsel has recently published two parts (one and two) of a series from Gibson Dunn attorneys, analyzing the firm's involvement with Chevron in the case Donzinger v.
In a statement to its 5,858 members, Chevron West said "increasingly extensive regulations, rising compliance and security costs, and shrinking interest rate margins have made it difficult" for the credit union to fulfill its mission.
Settlement for the first stage of the transaction, being the transfer to Chevron of the initial equity interest of 30% in PEL 218 and 18% in ATP 855, has now occurred following the receipt of FIRB and other government approvals and third party consents.
The villagers have asked other countries to enforce the ruling, since Chevron has no refineries, oil wells or storage terminals in Ecuador, Bloomberg reports.
There is only one, or rather three, small clouds on this otherwise sunny horizon - Ecuador, Brazil and Indonesia have all brought lawsuits against Chevron for its cavalier environmental and fiscal policies.
Soon afterward, Oliveira cancelled a scheduled interrogation of Buck and filed Brazil's largest-ever environmental lawsuit against Chevron.
Chevron was investing $6bn in gas fields off East Kalimantan to raise production.
Chad's leaders demanded that Chevron leave the country in a notice delivered Monday, according to the San Ramon-based company.
Castillo and his dead crops are part of a billion-dollar environmental lawsuit against Chevron Corporation, whose predecessor company, Texaco Petroleum Company (known as Texpet), first drilled for oil in Ecuador in 1967, setting off a boom that has contaminated rivers and streams, killed plants and animals, and caused strange illnesses in people living at the headwaters of the Amazon River network, according to activists.
To make better use of this vast waste stream, chemists at Chevron and the University of Kentucky in Lexington have developed a technique for transforming plastic into high-performance lubricating oils that could boost the fuel efficiencies of vehicles.
The court applied the so-called Chevron doctrine (Chevron U.
is commercializing what is believed to be the first barrier packaging film containing the uv-triggered OSP (oxygen-scavenging polymer) from Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that classification rulings issued by the Customs Service are not entitled to deference under the Supreme Court's 1984 decision in Chevron U.