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defensive structure consisting of a movable obstacle composed of barbed wire or spikes attached to a wooden frame

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Equally, chevaux-de-frise, in their restricted distribution and shared characteristics, perhaps the epitome of the potential for long-distance links from Iberia to Shetland, are recurrently mentioned but never discussed in any detail (nor indexed).
The fort has four sets of dry stone walls and an interesting defensive feature, chevaux-de-frise walls that are composed of jagged rocks standing as high as 45 feet.
On the following Monday, Aldeburgh artistic director Thomas Ades takes over the baton for a programme including two works by Irish composer Gerald Barry - God Save the Queen and Chevaux-de-Frise - plus Morton Feldman's Coptic Light, Ades's own Brahms and a piece by Brahms himself, the Song of Destiny.
The sunken chevaux-de-frise of Philadelphian Robert Smith were effective barriers against British warships on their ascent of the Delaware River, but this was a technology well understood, requiring no great exercise of the imagination to comprehend and implement.