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French actor and cabaret singer (1888-1972)

a gallant or courtly gentleman


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To return to the period of which we are writing: after about fifteen years of this way of life the chevalier had amassed ten thousand and some odd hundred francs.
Besides his fiction of an annuity, about which no one at the present time knew anything, the chevalier really had, therefore, a bona fide income of a thousand francs.
Not only did the chevalier have his own particular shells, but he cherished an ambitious desire which he pursued with a craft so profound as to be worthy of Sixtus the Fifth: he wanted to marry a certain rich old maid, with the intention, no doubt, of making her a stepping-stone by which to reach the more elevated regions of the court.
Most persons have encountered, in certain provinces in France, a number of Chevaliers de Valois.
The 66th spot was just about enough for Chevalier to wrap the Rookie of the Year title.
Will the Chevalier School here, which began as a seminary in 1960, continue to operate at its present site or relocate elsewhere?
Maneesh Bakshi Doha QATAR can set a benchmark in the world by hosting a carbon-neutral World Cup 2022, French Ambassador to Qatar HE Eric Chevalier told Qatar Tribune on the sidelines of French participation in various sustainability initiatives organised in the backdrop of the completion of one year of the adoption of Paris agreement.
The winner will be declared "best in general" with the prize a chevalier signet ring.
David Chevalier owns seven ready mixed plants, operating under Beton Chevalier inc.
Edited by Alexandre Chevalier, Elena Marinova, and Leonor Pe[+ or -]a-Chocarro
With a design based on the Chevalier lens made for Louis Daguerre's camera, the Lomography Art Achromat 64mm f/2.
Chevalier Theatrics, a new project from singer-pianist Austin Chevalier and singer-cellist Katherine Dudney, will play at 8 p.
FTC said, "Erik Chevalier, also doing business as The Forking Path Co.
Whilst studying towards my French O-levels I actually met Maurice Chevalier, the incredibly popular and charming French film actor and singer.