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a full length mirror mounted in a frame in which it can be tilted

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And there are 22 matching pieces available, such as a cheval mirror or vanity.
A John Lewis's New England Cheval Mirror has two drawers at the bottom.
I have split the dressing table into two bedside units and a cheval mirror with hidden drawer.
The bronze package includes an L-shaped sofa, dining table and chairs, coffee table, side table, a lamp, two pieces of artwork and a rug (living/dining room), mirror (hallway), a double bed, two bedside tables, cheval mirror, framed print and two lamp (bedroom one), single bed, bedside table, cheval mirror and a lamp (bedroom two), kitchen accessories and an accessory pack including vases, cushions, candles, fruit bowl, towels, facecloths, bedding sets, quilts, soap dish and toothbrush holder
Cyrenne bursts with manic energy, by turns playful, predatory, feline and manipulative; dancing with the cheval mirror, while parrying his bizarre questions about her life.
After a quick ring around, they managed to borrow a cheval mirror (one on a stand that tilts), thus ensuring the heir to the throne could check the flick across his bald patch and the shine of his shoes.
From the cheval mirror other adaptations were designed, notably the shaving stand which combined an ad-justable mirror with a shelf for storing shaving equipment.
Sheraton produced large, adjustable toilet mirrors in a frame stand on the floor commonly known as cheval mirrors.
Current Powell product includes its signature jewelry armoire, metal beds, bunk beds, plant stands, cheval mirrors, day beds, baker's racks and futons.
Improved mirror-making also made possible the introduction of cheval mirrors - a free-standing full-length mirror.