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having the brown color of chestnuts

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London, June 20 (ANI): Robbie Williams apparently went in for a makeover, for the singer was spotted flaunting chestnut-coloured locks.
The mother of two sons, is described as 5ft tall with a very slight build and short chestnut-coloured hair.
The process is undertaken twice a week using five different varieties of hops to brew everything from This (a light ale with a vivid hop aroma) to That (a chestnut-coloured best bitter with a robust malt flavour).
He showed off his new skills in front of the world's media as he moved alongside the steers on his chestnut-coloured horse, Guardsman.
Now he is worth next to nothing after picking up a career-threatening injury which has kept the chestnut-coloured former champion off the race-track for the last year.
Openings in a stone wall are guarded by soft black leather curtains which conceal the changing rooms: small chambers lined with exquisitely made lockers of chestnut-coloured wood; they have the quality of finely polished musical instruments.
If you are lucky and the light is just right, you can see the rich chestnut-coloured upper parts of its plumage - if its a male, you'll notice the blue-grey head.
The beautiful, chestnut-coloured kite is easily distinguished by its deeply forked tail.
He drove to the estate stables after 10am and emerged five minutes later on a chestnut-coloured horse.
He rode his chestnut-coloured horse named Guardsman alongside the steers as they were brought in from the outer reaches of the property, and at one stage galloped ahead to open the cattle pen.
We first started with a chestnut-coloured orchid - the reddest we could find.
William Henry Williams, 63, is believed to have been trying to release the chestnut-coloured mare from a barbed wire fence in the field on his farm at Cymunod, Caergeiliog, near Holyhead, last August.
So if you want to grab your own fistful of flavour, tackle a pint in the pubs around the ground of this chestnut-coloured, hoppy ale.
The pit had been covered with wooden planks and the unsuspecting horse, a chestnut-coloured Trotter named Rosie, had fallen through at about 8.
Jay, a chestnut-coloured gelding, had fallen over and become trapped in his stable at Briwnanc farm, Rhiwbina.