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Synonyms for chestnut-colored

having the brown color of chestnuts

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In it, with crop in hand, she drove a cart pulled by her chestnut-colored mini-horse named Dippy.
She managed to tuck in a small powder room and laundry area near the newly designed galley-style kitchen, which now sports a Viking range topped with a sage-tiled back splash, dark green granite counters, traditional white paned-glass cabinetry and chestnut-colored hardwood floors.
Hodges' 16 impressively large, chestnut-colored mules belie every clich[acute{e}] you've ever heard and every cartoonish stereotype you've ever seen depicting the mule as a stubborn, stupid, stocky beast of burden.
This trend reinforces consumer confidence in our brand and the category," Vice president of brewing Al Triplett reports that this year's Winterhook is a chestnut-colored brew with a toasted malt flavor and distinctive hop signature.
The shaft carries Easton's exclusive wood-grain PermaGraphic pattern, giving the shaft the look of a chestnut-colored cedar arrow.
Donning on eight-button, double-breasted, chestnut-colored suit, SHAQUILLE O'NEAL epitomizes style.
Rich African ebony, black mirror, chestnut-colored glass, and bronze detailing make up KGBL's streamlined Ingemar cabinet.
Even on their totally awesome chestnut-colored horses,
Male (drake) mallards are easily recognized--their trademark metallic green heads, white neck ring, chestnut-colored chest, yellow bill tipped with black, and white tail with two black, curled tail feathers make them hard to confuse with other duck species.
The 9-year-old chestnut-colored gelding was unflappable, not bothered at all by flashing cameras and the public address announcer's voice bellowing over the speakers during Saturday's Oregon Quarter Horse Association's Sweetheart Classic at the Oregon Horse Center, north of Eugene.
The Daily Racing Form describes him as a tall, chestnut-colored colt, standing 17.
VALENCIA - If Debra Hargett, 12, was shaken by a tumble from Maggie, a 1,000-pound chestnut-colored horse, she didn't show it.
Baby Devin - who arrived with a full head of chestnut-colored hair and measured 20 inches in length - is the couple's first child.