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(of hair or feathers) of brown tinged with chestnut

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Mesonotum with two narrow, weakly-defined, parallel, medial chestnut-brown pruinose vittae on dorsal surface, extending from anterior margin to region of anterior dorsocentral seta socket; anterior dorsocentral seta much shorter and finer than medial scutellar seta; reclinate supra-alar seta, slightly shorter than posterior dorsocentral seta; thoracic pleurae silver-grey, yellow pruinose in their centres; postpronotum silver-grey pruinose, with 8-10 fine black-brown setulae; anepisternum silver-grey pruinose, with yellow pruinose patches medially, with 19-20 fine setulae, the 5 larger grouped together at posterodorsal margin; katepisternum with dorsal katepisternal seta ca 0.
Kestrels are small chestnut-brown birds of prey that are masters of stationary flight and use the hovering technique extensively for hunting in grassland areas in the city and countryside.
box and found the chestnut-brown fall inside-- straight and sleek and
I sliced open a pawpaw lengthwise more or less navigating though the big chestnut-brown seeds that resembled smooth flat stones.
He spends much of his time in a chestnut-brown leather armchair by the window, watching sports and the news on TV.
BRITAIN'S most common owl (40,000-strong), tawnies are chestnut-brown mottled grey, with jet black eyes.
Symptoms include small, chestnut-brown spots--commonly referred to as nailhead rust--that appear on fruit, leaves, and green twigs of afflicted trees.
If you're lucky, as we were, you might be treated to a truly incongruous sight: a herd of chestnut-brown bison casually munching on that emerald grass.
7 inches) in diameter with up to four and a half whorls, and has a white to pinkish tint with a chestnut-brown shoulder band.
They share the same up-turned nose, the same chestnut-brown hair, the same eyes and that same mischievous smile.
CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK A VAST circle of spellbound foxes surrounded the Palm House, each of them gazing with their chestnut-brown eyes up at the radiant panes.
They are compact, rounded, chestnut-brown and are well known for their spectacularly loud song, compared with the size of their incredibly tiny bodies.
And if the chestnut-brown beauty is in the mood for a late-summer revamp we reckon she'd make a great blonde.
O'Hanlon's Port Stout is CAMRA's Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2007 - dark, chestnut-brown with hints of mocha, chocolate and roasted malt and sweetness from a dollop of ruby port.