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Synonyms for Chesterfield

suave and witty English statesman remembered mostly for letters to his son (1694-1773)

an overstuffed davenport with upright armrests

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a fitted overcoat with a velvet collar

References in classic literature ?
Then, in the gloom, we saw the two side-lamps of a trap light up in the stable-yard of the inn, and shortly afterwards heard the rattle of hoofs, as it wheeled out into the road and tore off at a furious pace in the direction of Chesterfield.
Reuben Hayes was arrested at Chesterfield, on my information, at eleven o'clock last night.
any King or Queen may make a Lord, but only the Devil himself--and the Graces--can make a Chesterfield.
For now he sat in his black velvet cap and old grey gown, magnanimous again; and would have comported himself towards any Collegian who might have looked in to ask his advice, like a great moral Lord Chesterfield, or Master of the ethical ceremonies of the Marshalsea.
Honley-based Distinctive Chesterfields is sitting pretty after building up its business over the past two years.
Steven rented a small part of a bigger building in Honley and consulted a web company to develop a Distinctive Chesterfields website.
What seemed like a reasonably straight-forward project quickly became quite complex, but in a relatively short space of time Distinctive Chesterfields has already supplied many prestigious customers, including the Ministry of Defence, last year's G20 summit, Hugo Boss, Maninello Hotels in Italy and several French interior designers.
The great thing about chesterfields is that they get better with age (just like the pair of us.
Cash: Clarendon three seat chesterfield, pounds 775 from The Chesterfield Company, 0161 737 1600, thechester-fieldcompany.