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the cavity in the vertebrate body enclosed by the ribs between the diaphragm and the neck and containing the lungs and heart

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The inclusion criteria of the study were the children with the age 02-59 months of either gender presenting with cough and/or difficult breathing of 50/min if age 2-11 months, rate >40/min if age 12-59 months) or lower chest wall in-drawing while the exclusion criteria were children with known case of bronchial asthma/recurrent wheeze, known congenital heart disease and congenital anomaly that may affect association, any general danger signs (lethargic, unconscious, convulsing now) and/or stridor and non-cooperative parents who refused to give consent for the participation in the study.
After the en bloc resection of the chest wall under part tumor, we inspected several organizations around the incisal edge.
Just as troubling as the influence of chest wall characteristics, the values we customarily record for mechanical properties do not take the dimensions of the aerated compartment into account.
Thoracic wall tuberculosis mostly presents insidiously with pain and swelling, but the diagnosis of chest wall TB is often delayed due to lack of specific symptoms and signs and gradual course (10).
The defect over the anterior chest wall was reconstructed with 15 holes contoured stainless steel plates with curvatures facing downwards bridging the medial end of the clavicles giving stability to the chest wall.
Five minutes prior to the first chest wall impact, a technician not involved in the subsequent portions of the study administered the solutions intravenously.
After presenting and discussing the case at a multidisciplinary thoracic oncology conference, consensus was in favor of surgical resection with chest wall reconstruction.
The current manuscript presents a case of a 2 years old child who had a progressive anterior chest wall tumor.
2 We describe the case of a 42 year old male that presented with re-recurrent DFSP of the chest wall.
Chest wall tumors can arise from a wide variety of benign and malignant etiologies, and therefore it can be challenging for clinicians to diagnose and manage them.
Because of the excess chest wall weight with subsequent reduced chest wall compliance, ventilation is even more difficult in obese patients.
3,5) Cross-sectional studies indicate that musculoskeletal chest wall pain (or "chest wall syndrome [CWS]") is the most common cause of chest pain in patients who seek treatment in the office, followed by gastrointestinal (GI) disease, stable heart disease, psychosocial or psychiatric conditions, pulmonary disease, and other cardiovascular conditions (table i).
These patients were all referred to a private clinic for FNAC of swellings in lymphoid regions, chest wall, Abdomen, breast and lower back.
ATHIS is where the lung collapses when air gets trapped between the lung and the chest wall for no clear reason.