chest tone

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the lower ranges of the voice in speaking or singing

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You must be careful because belting, which can cause you to raise your chest tones to a high pitch, can damage your voice.
Soprano with low chest tones or Mezzo Soprano with easy high tones.
To have used the exaggerated chest tones she was capable of might have sabotaged the quality of the rest of her performance, and certainly would have been out of keeping with Beecham's demands for Mozartian clarity and nuance.
Seldom do we hear a mezzo who doesn't once resort to the cheap effect of chest tones. Carlo Guelfi, the fine Italian baritone, was an extremely powerful Amonasro.
In the female voice, don't push your heavier chest tones about the "F" lying above "middle C." If you have been doing this too much you must expect that the proper head tones of middle G, say G and A, will, when you first produce them as "head" tones, be weak and windy; but practice, under a good teacher, will rectify this.
However, the singing of Larissa Diadkova (Ulrica) was exquisite, her powerful top notes evenly scaled all the way down to awesome chest tones. As King Riccardo, Neil Shicoff returned after a long absence in grati-fyingiy good voice.
It demonstrates the siblings' penchant for inventive riffs without driving listeners' attention away from their confident vocals and playful warbling as they shift from chest tones to falsetto with relative ease.
The chest tones above f(1) are intolerable when one uses them in restrained songs; but here, for the very reason of their shrill effect, they adapt themselves to the accents of despair and rage.