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protective garment consisting of a pad worn in baseball by catchers and by football players

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Until the chest protector was introduced in 1884, catchers generally wore only a mask and a pair of thin fingerless gloves, like the one Javan wears on his right hand in the photograph.
When I got to the rink for training Kamil was wearing my chest protector," said Myers.
James "Deacon" White, a nine-year catcher in the 1870s who switched to third base for nine more years, supposedly created the first chest protector in the early 1880s.
When it's her long-awaited turn to play an inning behind the plate, I rush over to my daughter and help her strap on her leg guards, chest protector, and mask and then watch as she does her best imitation of Jorge Posada, crouched unsmiling behind the batter.
Behind the plate, the A's have arguably the two greatest catchers to ever strap on a chest protector, Josh Gibson and Roy Campanella.
Once more, I violated several safety precautions; I had no helmet, no goggles, no gloves, no chest protector, and I was wear ing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts.
Russell Martin had spent two afternoons crouching and rising, all while wearing a chest protector, heavy shin guards and a mask in temperatures that flirted with triple digits and humidity that sapped the spirit.
Becky requires them both to wear hill gear, helmets, neck and chest protector, boots, and any other protective gear their mother can find.
Tuck your chin while tracking the ball into the chest protector.
From specially made boots and padded pants to gloves, goggles, helmet and chest protector, the appropriate gear is essential for safety's sake-plus, it looks real tough.
The boy was familiar with the trail, had been riding for several hours, was wearing protective equipment (helmet, chest protector, and riding boots), and was accompanied by adults, but he had not taken a safety course.
With the physician colonels assembled in the conference room, he entered the meeting wearing a chest protector, facemask and catcher's mitt.
See the catcher with the torso strapped on as a chest protector, the infielders with their hand-mitts, the stomach-rosin bag, and all the other pieces of equipment that once was Central City's star pitcher, Herbie Sat-ten," read one caption.
Chili became the first superbike rider to mount the podium in his boxer shorts after flinging all his race equipment, from crash helmet to carbon fibre chest protector, into the crowd.
Catchers should always wear a helmet, face mask, throat guard, long-model chest protector, protective supporter, a catcher's mitt and shin guards.