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pain in the chest

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The inquest, attended by family members, was told Mr Milton had visited a doctor days before his death complaining of chest pains, and been told these were probably the result of muscular strain.
Our study demonstrates that young people and women who come into the emergency without chest pain, but other telltale ACS symptoms such as weakness, shortness of breath and rapid heartbeats, are in crisis.
We have a protocol within the hospital where chest pain is treated as an emergency.
On March 27, 2011 Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command made a landmark announcement that the first Chinese regional military and civilian coordinated Chest Pain Rescue Network was established.
They found that 31 percent of male patients, and 42 percent of female patients, didn't have any chest pain or discomfort.
Symptom-limited treadmill stress testing is felt to be safe at 8-12 hours for low- and intermediate-risk chest pain patients who have normal baseline EKGs and capacity to exercise, and are not taking digoxin.
The diagnosis of this unique disease should be entertained when acute-onset chest pain is accompanied by allergic symptoms, electrocardiographic changes and elevated cardiac enzymes.
Feeling a bit light-headed or dizzy as well as having chest pain
The most common symptoms include chest pain, which can spread to arms, neck and jaw; and also feeling sick or sweaty and short of breath.
This sample of Chinese participants used a broader variety of descriptive words to report chest pain when compared with previous studies, despite the fact that some of the pain descriptors were quite consistent with previous studies (Finnegan et al.
The aim was to guide diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for this subset of patients with acute chest pain.
More than half a million people a year with chest pain are getting an unnecessary or premature procedure to unclog their arteries because drugs are just as effective, suggests a landmark study that challenges one of the most common practices in heart care.
A survey for the charity revealed that four in ten people would wait and see if their chest pain got better before dialling 999.
Four out of 10 people in Wales would rather wait to see if their chest pain got better than dial 999.
Contrary to conventional thinking, a new study suggests that emergency room patients who are relieved of chest pain after taking a nitroglycerine pill are no more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease than those who are not.