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Synonyms for drainage

Synonyms for drainage

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it


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In addition, the 5-year data were from only one institution using only one type of chest drainage system in the postoperative thoracic patients.
Statistically significant difference was observed between Classical and Modified Bentall procedure in Cross Clamp Time, Total Inotrope Duration, Total Chest Drainage, Total Red Cell Concentrate (RCC) Transfused, Re-opening Rate and Mortality.
The purpose of chest drainage is to remove the fluid or air accumulated in the pleural cavity, allowing lung re-expansion and the reestablishment of the subatmospheric pressure of the space, thus avoiding complications.
Market size for Cardiovascular Surgery Devices market segments - Beating Heart Surgery Systems, Cardiopulmonary Bypass Equipment, Chest Drainage Catheters and Units and Perfusion Disposables.
Extubating of intercostal chest drainage tube (ICDT) was done after full expansion of the lung and the drain < 50 ml per day.
The study found that there were some drawbacks to surgical ablation, primarily a higher risk of fluid build-up in the lungs and some chest drainage.
There are chapters on the general organisation of the equipment and space needed for procedures, sedation and muscle relaxation, airway management, ultrasound for vascular access and drainage of cavities, echocardiography, dialysis and apheresis, pericardiocentesis, insertion of vena cava filters, percutaneous tracheostomy, open tracheostomy, transbronchial biopsy, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, chest drainage, intracranial monitoring and billing, the latter giving some interesting insights into the US system.
Large haemothoraces are treated with chest drainage and fluid resuscitation or blood transfusion in hypovolaemic patients (Ho & Gutierrez 2009).
Teleflex Medical recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its Pleur-evac chest drainage product by unveiling [at NTI Atlanta] its baby sister--the new MINI Sahara, a smaller, more portable version of its Sahara unit.
While chest drainage devices have been Atrium's top seller since 1985, the company also produces and sells interventional cardiology devices, vascular implants and devices used in general surgery.
In the series, conservative management with chest drainage alone resulted in outcomes similar to those of surgical management, with no significant differences reported in length of hospital stay, length of fever, or length of pleural fluid drainage, Dr Sawicki reported.
The pounds 1000 bags, with neck braces, equipment to clear blocked air passages, a chest drainage kit and breathing mask, were developed after Sandy Dickson, 14, of Doune, Perthshire, drowned tragically in Canada.
Genzyme Corporation (Cambridge, MA; 617-252-7785) and Genzyme Surgical Products announced that they have filed a lawsuit against Atrium Medical Corporation for patent infringement based on Atrium's manufacture and sale of Express and Oasis chest drainage devices.
This involves open mediastinal and chest drainage, with or without esophageal repair, resection or exclusion.