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<strong>Cough:</strong> A cough is an action your body takes to clear phlegm buildup indicating bronchitis or a chest cold. A deep chest cough with other symptoms may indicate that you have the flu.
Days later, she died from a bad chest cold, leaving wailing Heathcliff with plenty to get off his.
Conditions most commonly treated were back/neck pain (6.7%), head or chest cold (6.6%), anxiety/ stress (4.8%), other musculoskeletal (4.3%), ADHD (2.5%), and insomnia (1.8%).
However, the Magpies insisted Kinnear had only caught a chest cold and is still on course to be back in charge for either the Premier League trip to Stoke on April 11 or the visit to Tottenham a week later.
If so, then you know it's a very unpleasant condition, often brought on by a bad chest cold. Some early Canadians suggested this strange remedy:
Then a chest cold and a Friday night in got the better of me, and I succumbed to half an hour of what I expected to be interminably duff gags from the team who once made the unmissable Father Ted.
It culminated in a three-day, really hard sequence shot in a tomb underground and I got a chest cold afterward."
(18) Using benign-sounding labels such as a chest cold when a patient presents with an acute bronchitis, may not affect patient satisfaction but may improve satisfaction by not prescribing an antibiotic.
She made herself the word on every gossip's tongue but even I could see that a chest cold does not mark a woman for murder unless that drunk Jack Dunne is called in, and what did Michael expect from him, a fairy doctor, but "That is not Bridget Boland"?
"He had gone up to Scotland with a bad chest cold, which caused him to miss our last game (the 3-0 victory against Liverpool on Sunday).
Another time, the doctor recommended treacle to her father as a cure for a chest cold.
Use decongestants to break up a chest cold, an antihistamine for a runny nose and take something for that cough, he says.
We had been told to be quiet, but we thought he only had a bad chest cold. Actually Ed had developed pneumonia.
The United States develops a chest cold while large parts of the world face pneumonia.
Robinson had been forced to take it easy in the winter months after catching a chest cold that he found difficult to shake off.