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any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess

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Chessman crafts their mutual attraction with restraint: their relationship does not follow the predictable path of forbidden love.
Cooney's new book is not his first excursion into the details and themes of the Chessman case.
Is The Chessman still alive, and what is the purpose of the new game he's playing?
Throughout the several years of the Chessman controversy, it became apparent to me that he had gone through some emotionally difficult times.
longicollis, Emydura macquarii) that Chessman (1978) studied, C longicollis supported the thickest algal coverage.
Pepperidge Farm has introduced 100-calorie cookie pouches in a trio of flavors -- Chessman Chocolate Cookies, Chessman Butter Cookies and Chocolate Chunk Dark Chocolate Cookies.
For example, readers do not know the circumstances surrounding the execution of Caryl Chessman, who became a cause celebre in the 1950s after receiving eight reprieves (74).
This edition includes for the first time the names of Tom Babington the new Federal Treasurer and Bill Chessman the new Federal Membership Officer.
Kirk visited Chessman several times in prison until he was executed in 1960.
Even Diane Needham, 32, an IFA with Chessman & Partners in Chesham, Herts, could not save her grandmother Doreen's home.
Chessman was executed a few months later, and Brown was subjected to popular rage and ridicule for his intervention.
As brands change sides like chessman loosed of all restraints and go tumbling helter-skelter across the board, fortune will suddenly seem to shine on one distributor while storm clouds rumble in the face of another.
It's acceptable for a man to want to look good now:Tristan mccarthy, 32, is buyer and store manager at Chessman, an upmarket men's fashion emporium in Cardiff's Castle Arcade, and says his customers think nothing of forking out pounds 180 for a pair of jeans.
Rebel and a Cause: Caryl Chessman and the Politics of the Death Penalty in Postwar California, 1948-1974
I normally go to Chessman in Cardiff and that for a lot of my clothes, but this lot could definitely be worn.