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a checkerboard used to play chess

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Sheikh Hasina's chessboard strategy of removing opponents has worked in her favour until now.
Who will win this Great Game on the chessboards? The patience/precaution and forecast of the game of Go, or the strong bets and bluffs of poker.
The balance of terror and the Cold War made classical chessboard diplomacy more difficult given the division of the world into spheres of influence presided over by the West or the Soviet Union and its allies.
Mr Khan then has only inherited an embattled position on the chessboard. And an ambush has begun.
We must put Mr President first before other pawns in the chessboard. With our massive support for Mr.
For example, Anne-Marie Slaughter argues in The Chessboard & the Web that statesmen and foreign policy experts have long been trained to think of the world as a chessboard, analyzing the decisions of powerful states and anticipating rival states' reactions in the endless game of strategic advantage.
It's around that age when you truly take possession of your city, when it stops being a chessboard around which your mother and father move youfrom basketball practice to dentist appointment to piano lessonor a playground for you and your college buddies, stumbling stupidly from one unlit bar to another, but a real place, the soil in which you will soon set down roots.
Mechanical properties obtained from the tests made on samples fabricated in chessboard and uniformity scanning path under different preheating temperatures are shown in Table 3.
Due to the chessboard arrangement, the reflected wave from region II is in the same amplitude and 180[degrees] phase difference with that from region I.
Incidentally, the Instagram account @ekomsi also posted an image of the same chessboard, with the caption: 'erwin beat me.'
Also known as "the Chessboard Killer", Russsian-origin  Alexander Pichushkin killed more than 50 people in southwest Moscow's Bitsa Park between 1992 and 2006.
The MDSQP which is otherwise known as the chess covering problem is one of the well-known chessboard problems which has been receiving continued interests by researchers including the computational intelligence domain.
"I started 16 years ago with a chessboard, but that was just black and white.
Once his Sicilian Defence has worked its magic, he will pack up his chessboard and head off to the next game.
Firstly we present new formulations of the N queens' configuration problem as optimization problems and secondly we modify a derivative free method so that it may be able to find the optimal configuration of the chessboard.