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checkerboard and a set of 32 pieces used to play chess

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With these wine boxes, chess sets, barbecue sets and more, there are options for everyone.
Ronald Sanders, the ODNI's chief human capital officer, received a chess set and a silk rug worth a combined $2,050 in 2006.
Artists have designed chess sets for centuries, and this publication includes exquisite and unusual examples--specially photographed for publication--such as those made by Indian craftsmen, Soviet Gulag prisoners, Faberge, and Max Ernst.
The chess sets are from 103 different countries from six continents.
One popular item is the chess set pictured, which was made from 275 parts, including nuts, bolts and other miscellaneous items.
Next up: chocolate chess sets and chocolate tech gadgets.
Never ones to miss a marketing opportunity, Christie's South Kensington are using the World Chess Federation's World Candidates Tournament to mount an auction of the rare and beautiful chess sets, estimates for which range from PS300 to PS25,000.
By the late 18th century, there was a plethora of complicated designs for chess sets and this started causing difficulties in the international chess matches which were becoming increasingly common.
Instant expert THE market for rare, complete chess sets and similar games is limited, but when they do come up for auction the prices are often very high.
THE complexities of the game of chess have always eluded me, but that''s not to say I don''t appreciate the qualities and collectability of antique chess sets.
The Namibia Chess Federation (NCF) is 550 chess sets richer after Bank Windhoek this week handed over the sets to be distributed to schools in the south.
But there are others going shopping, too, such as the witch who needs to buy a recipe book and Santa whose long list includes bracelets and chess sets.
Redcar MP Vera Baird, and English Chess Federation President, Normanby resident Gerry Walsh, delivered 10 chess sets to St Peter's RC College of Maths and Computing in South Bank.
SCHOOLS across Warwickshire are to be given new chess sets to try to get more youngsters interested in the game.