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checkerboard and a set of 32 pieces used to play chess

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I was quite shocked when I saw the chess set," she said.
The request sought records of all gifts given to the ODNI by foreign governments, and the records the ODNI provided show more than 40 ceremonial gifts and gift packages, including chess sets, medallions, watches and rugs worth between $375 and $13,000.
Continue reading "Pentagram Designed the Chess Set Being Used in the World Chess Championship.
Caption: Charles Galloway would always cherish the chess set (inset) left behind by his older brother Strome, after he left to serve in the Second World War.
The idea of making the chess sets from these materials didn't originate at our store, but we've made an effort to design the most attractive sets possible," says employee Kevin Pierce.
Over two hundred photos accompany projects that include patterns, step-by-step instructions, and a wide array of projects both simple and complex, from a chess set to frames and furniture.
As an adult, he decided to create a chess set for his father, who worked as a lawyer.
Some of the most valuable artefacts include a tiara belonging to King Ahmed Fouad's wife, Princess Shwekar, and a chess set, which was a gift from the Iranian Shah to King Farouk, according to the statement.
When I found chess pieces missing from the hotel's chess set, a member of staff went home to get his own chess set.
THE children pounced on the brightly coloured chess set as soon as we walked into Artwork Cafe, then spent the next half hour happily battling to take each other's king.
Meanwhile we meet Ernest from South London (pictured) who is convinced the bronze chess set he found in an auction house is a hidden masterpiece.
A SOLDIER who assaulted his wife in a pub then smashed her ornamental chess set was yesterday ordered to pay her PS500 compensation.
New world records were set in martial arts kicks, plug wiring, fastest chess set up, fastest time for cooking three chapattis, pulling a truck by moustache, wearing a cricket kit, longest frog jump and football headers, reports The News.
Borisov's closest aide, Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, presented him with a chess set, saying that the PM loves playing chess in his free time.
A SUPERB Russian mammoth ivory chess set (above) was the top lot at a chess, playing cards and games auction at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, London, earlier this month.