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checkerboard and a set of 32 pieces used to play chess

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12 women create chess sets for a game often dominated by men.
With his ill-gotten gains he bought luxury items, some of them pictured right, and which included a chess set worth PS20,000
The creation of the chess set represents the challenge of meshing the past with the present genres and the pursuit of continuing to push the envelope in his creative journey.
And he tipped over a table at their home, smashing a chess set they had bought in Mexico.
A SUPERB Russian mammoth ivory chess set (above) was the top lot at a chess, playing cards and games auction at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, London, earlier this month.
Other rarities included the 1987 Little Lead Soldiers Car and Figure sets and an ultra rare James Bond chess set, alongside toys from TV and films shows such as Thunderbirds, Batman and A-Team.
Resplendent on the back cover was a picture showing a fine miniature Anglo-Indian bone and horn pedestal chess table complete with appropriately sized ivory chess set, which seems a snip at pounds 300-pounds 500.
Prizes like oil paintings, golf for four people at the Belfry with accommodation, and a handmade chess set made by the children in Kenya, were auctioned by commentator Des Scahill.
Then one day a man showed up with a chess set and wanted to know if anyone would like to learn to play.
Grab the chess set, Chinese checkers or the old-fashioned black and red kind.
In addition a wizard's chess set, a Harry "bust-up" model and Hogwarts checkers game are available exclusively in Borders and Waldenbooks stores across the country.
A king's ransom might be needed for Faberge's Imperial Chess Set, 24k gold-plated, with pieces carved of black onyx and green aventurine, $25,000, fabergeworld.
The IMAGERY OF CHESS REVISITED project grew out of a project to create an exact replica of Isamu Noguchi's 'lost' red and green plastic chess set designed for the original exhibition, and holds numerous previously unpublished works and images which will prove of special interest to collectors, artists and gamers alike.
In another story, the viziers of an orphaned prince, anxious that the inexperienced monarch had not had time to learn about war, trained him with a chess set.
The Bauhaus chess set is in; the familiar Staunton set, standardised the same year, is not.