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someone who plays the game of chess

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A group of Mongolian chess players and experts from China and Mongolia have agreed on a series of standard playing rules during an international forum in a bid to better promote the sport, said Nasun, president of the forum's organizer, the chess association of Inner Mongolia.
Talking to local junior chess players, I was impressed by the range of other interests they had.
In girls' division, Indian chess player Sharma Isha managed to grab the gold, collecting all possible six points.
uk " Hector Munro, a County standard chess player, was a member of the same Liverpool Central Chess Club as Wallace.
There are around 370 chess players who participated, which makes this the largest level of participation in the championship.
Advance Chess: The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model, Model III: Renaissance to the Dawn of a New Age--Edition 2, Volume I is not for your average chess player, your everyday gamer, or for casual pursuit: if the title itself doesn't provide fair warning, the text will.
Brenda told Khaw her husband played chess, and Khaw, an avid chess player who has participated in many competitions, began playing against Barrasso.
According to the mother of the young chess player, Bibissara was asked to play instead of a 12 y.
KARACHI -- Pakistan top chess player International Master Mahmood Lodhi will play against 40 boys and girls in simultaneous chess at Russian Cultural Centre on Tuesday from 3pm onward.
Chess Players from all over the country are excited at this mega event as reported by Pakistan best chess player IM Mahmood Lodhi, IM and Shahzad Mirza, IM being the PCPA representatives Vice Chairman and Secretary General.
Asked if he has any tips for aspiring chess players, Kasparov, who was ranked world number one for 225 months out of 228, said regular practice will make a perfect chess player.
As a woman chess player, her style of play is simply commendable.
One chess player in the 2007 study persisted for 26 years before reaching master status, even as another player in the same study became a master in a mere two years.
The MCA Chess Masters felicitated at the event included- MCA National Champion (2006) and under-12 World Chess Champion with FIDE rating of 2329, Karthikeyan M; MCA National Champion (2005) Hemant Sharma, an international rated Chess player and champion at Delhi State Open Rapid and Open Blitz Chess Championships 2012; MCA West Zone (2008) winner Prabha Rajwade, a talented Chess player from the tribal belt of Chhattisgarh; MCA East Zone (2010) winner Bappi Deb, a FIDE 1742 rated player, who has secured leading position in the 2011 Senior State Chess Tournament, West Bengal and; MCA East Zone (2005) winner, Rajkumar Shrinjan Singha who is now a professional Chess player with a 1875 FIDE rating.
Campitelli and Gobet suggested that more intelligent children may be attracted to chess, and use their good reasoning skills to play well, but later they need to practice hard to learn all the strategies and plans that make a good chess player.