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any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess

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One of his grandchildren revealed: "My mother inherited the chess piece.
But a family from Edinburgh discovered the chess piece their grandfather bought for just PS5 in 1964 was one of the missing items.
A family has now been told the chess piece their grandfather bought for just PS5 in 1964 is one of the missing treasures.
Zhao is an avid player of Chinese chess and when he finds one of his chess pieces missing the black cannon he sends a telegram to a hotel that he previously stayed at requesting the hotel's help in finding it:"Missing black cannon.
Among the 237 objects to go under the hammer, highlights include a life-size portrait of Persian ruler Fath 'Ali Shah, an important Iznik pottery tile depicting the Ka'ba, and an eleventh-century rock crystal chess piece.
They could be hidden in a pack of cards or a chess piece.
The game will take place on a chessboard approximately five by five metres, with the opponent calling out what chess piece they want to move on the board.
LOUIS, Jumada II 16, 1433, May 7, 2012, SPA -- A Missouri chess club has unveiled the "World's Largest Chess Piece," a 14 1/2-foot tall king weighing 2,280 pounds, according to UPI.
Among the most fascinating is a very rare gilt-bronze souvenir chess piece, thought to be one of only a few surviving examples made to commemorate the historical match played in 1897 via the new underwater telegraphic cable between The House of Commons in London and The House of Representatives in Washington DC.
"And am punished with many a stripe"--("stripe" meaning rank, power)--being threatened or captured by an opposing chess piece in a superior power position
Desired: Seven boxes for moving, a certain blue chess piece now lost, colored beta fish bred in rainwater, red annelids for composting, two million in cold cash overseas, someone to paint a room the color of her mother's eyes, one emerald acre of rainforest anywhere in the world, and lots of broken musical instruments.
Which chess piece always remains on the same coloured squares?
Two theoretically relevant phenomena were discovered in memory research using chess-players as subjects: Their performance was poorer in memory tasks when the logical structure of the specific stimulus of the domain of excellence was modified, and they maintained their level of performance in memory tasks when less familiar symbols were used to represent the position (i.e., the use of the initial of the name of the chess piece on the board, instead of the normal symbol that represents the piece).
One player violently slams a chess piece onto the board, exerting way too much energy as he announces, "CHECK!"