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a match between chess players

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Revisiting that moment when a world reeling from Vietnam and Watergate was held spellbound by an epic, emblematic 1972 chess match between Fischer and Soviet grandmaster Boris Spassky, this straightforward biopic doesn't crack the mystery of the mentally troubled misanthrope who became, for a time, the game's greatest player, though Tobey Maguire's angry, bristling lead performance does capture the man's outsized personality.
I accept that, no problems" - McDowell believes the tight and circuitous nature of Royal Liverpool will turn the 2014 Open into more of a chess match than a slugging contest.
His second bout was more of a chess match and thinking fight, and he boxed very well.
The last chess match to get as much publicity as Carlsen's triumph was the 1997 contest between then-champion Garry Kasparov and International Business Machines Corp.
The ensuing events are like a chess match played blindfolded.
One recent Friday, the club ended its season with a simultaneous chess match in which all 107 girls and boys play against Mr.
Obama's high-stakes, three-dimensional chess match with Iran.
The middlegame is where the outcome of the chess match is usually decided; chapters examine the nuances of positional play, how to determine the circumstances in which certain pieces are more valuable than others, methods that can be used to corner the enemy king, and much more.
In Corsica, more than 800 players from 30 countries were gathered for the chess match.
If, on August 10, one followed the course of the Tony Oursler and Mary Heilmann-outfitted corridor and was led up a narrow staircase to an apse-like fourteenth floor, just beneath one of the city's few working turret clocks, and into a space rumored to have housed Stanford White's red velvet swing for Evelyn Nesbit, one would have happened upon a chess match.
Chennai, July 14 -- The FIDE World Championship title chess match between Viswanathan Anand and challenger Boris Gelfand of Israel will, in all probability, be held in Chennai in April next year.
He would then win all subsequent matches, and the sixth match is still considered today the greatest chess match in the history of the game.
The Most Human Human (Doubleday) offers juicy, meandering digressions gleaned from Christian's months of preparation on topics as varied as the importance of the word um, the difficulty of programming "Barge-In-Able Conversational Dialogue Systems" for automated phone menus, the epic chess match in which IBM's Deep Blue defeated grandmaster Garry Kasparov, and the human condition's resemblance to "a monkey and a robot holding hands.
This year Invicta have gone for a fast, skilful team and I think tonight's game will be even more of a chess match as our style is also quick, skilful and aggressive.
It's likely to be more of a chess match than a 'sexy football' encounter, and the biggest obstacle for Chelsea is of course their former manager in the opposition dugout.