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a chess player of great skill

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Silver went to Zayed Ali Al Hamed of the UAE and bronze went to his compatriot, Chess Master, Ebrahim Mohammad Khoury.
Daniel Naroditsky is a world champion chess master who draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to provide an informed and informative
As the men's and youth Under-20 chess championship draws to a close Basim Amin of Egypt jumped to the top of the table with seven points after defeating Chess Master Kotsor who had been enjoying the lead on the table from the beginning.
Serbian chess master SVETOZAR GLIGORIC, a long-time friend of Fischer's, agreed: "He fiercely defended his positions and was prepared to make any sacrifice.
SHE was the rather severe looking woman, who sang in a Bach choir and knew everything about Communist Russia, anticipating Soviet moves with the aplomb of a chess master when the world was locked in the Cold War.
When chess master Plaskett appeared in the latest TV show, the studio audience watched him take up to 20 minutes to answer some of the questions.
Oddly enough the story is actually quite thrilling at times as it details the battles between the ego of the chess master Kasparov and the machinations of IBM, with Kasparov completely unable to face the fact that he lost to a machine.
Rock singer Phil Collins (above) 48; actress Vanessa Redgrave (above) 62; actor Gene Hackman, 69; songwriter Mitch Murray, 59; former Conservative War Minister John Profumo, 84; and chess master Boris Spassky, 61.
Mamet makes his moves like a chess master as the story reveals itself.
5; Tagyatay City Chess Club downed Barracks Chess Master, 3-1; Elman Team B nipped Madalum Maritima Chess Team, 2.
With 107 members, it is perhaps the largest chess club in New England, according to chess master Lou Mercuri.
But as the operations guy behind the Obama phenomenon, Plouffe cultivated a reputation as a no-nonsense political chess master and came third in the top ten list.
Chess Master Ibrahimov Rasool of Azerbaijan drew with his Kazakh counterpart, Pavel Kotsor, Chess Master Chernin of Hungary also drew with his Georgian counterpart Meerab.
The chess master, 45, took around 20 minutes to answer many of the questions.
1997: Thirteen year old Luke McShane became the youngest ever British International Chess Master.