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I am but a pawn in a highest-stakes chess games played by giants in international banking and high finance, she said.
This is really a chess game the Iranians are playing vis-a-vis the US," Director of the International Dialogue Foundation in London noted.
More important, the part of this 3D chess game that has to do with foreign policy will soon add to the concerns that, as all the expectations, enthusiasm and social dynamics of democratization in Turkey are fading rapidly, and with an opposition unable to unite on basic values, so too wane the interests of Turkey's democratic allies in its "normalization.
Both players had leveraged their expertise to align computing power to win chess games.
Chessboxing is a hybrid which alternates between a chess game and a boxing match," creative writing student Karl said.
com)-- An innovative and entertaining new twist on a globally popular game, the Alexander The Great Chess Game, has been developed by Biljana Golubova of Downers Grove, Illinois.
Following a tour of the building, the children watched David Chan, CEO of Barclaycard Europe, and David Howell, Grandmaster and British Chess Champion, pit their wits against one another in an unusual chess game - David Howell was blindfolded
MONASTIR, (TAP) - Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki advocated the promotion of Chess game "to shape creative brains able to address the thorny problems" faced by Tunisia.
It is thought the row erupted over an attempt to move a king in the chess game at Mr O'Gorman's childhoo home in quiet Castleknock, Dublin.
Summary: The last minute of a chess game is one of fraught silence.
What is the outcome of a chess game when a player has no legal moves available?
Links courses just don't do it for me and when there is no wind it just becomes a chess game all about avoiding bunkers, rather than shot-making
There were plenty of 120-inch 4x4s, but the mature bucks were winning the chess game.
In a purely literal sense, one could view the chess game as the fruit of Corwin's labors; the press release announces it as such: "the culmination of Corwin's Clocktower residency project.
It is the judge's responsibility to stop things going too far but lawyers also have a duty not to behave towards innocent people as if they are pawns in a chess game.