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weedy annual native to Europe but widely distributed as a weed especially in wheat

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Chess Kenya chairman Benard Wanjala attributes the high turnout to the roll out of the Chess in Schools program last year.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, once compared chess to life and talked about the three morals of chess: foresight, circumspection and caution, which are all necessary to succeed in life," said Torre in a speech before participants of the "Learn and Play Chess with the Masters" program of the ERJHS Alumni Sports Club at the Barangay N.
The national chess playerclimbed to the 2nd with 2,814 points.
Through our sport for all approach to sport development at the academy, we would like to introduce chess programmes designed to suit the needs of different communities within our society,' she explained.
Indeed, chess players say, 'This is a good move', or 'This is a better move.
We have proposed World Chess Federation to legitimate them as worldwide rules," Xinhua cited Nasun as saying.
The Saudi Arabian Chess president and chairman of the chess event organisation committee Mottaz Al Sulaiman, has announced that the 2017 Rapid and Blitz chess championship will be hosted by Saudi Arabia and will carry the name: King Salman World Chess Championship
Dorsa Derakhshani, 19, was removed from the Iranian national chess team after she wore a headband instead of a headscarf at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival held in the British territory in February, the New York Post reported, citing an Iranian news agency.
Khudiram Anushilan Kendra sports hall in Kolkata, India, was the venue of the first edition of Chess Boxing Amateur World Championships on April 12-15
The 42nd Chess Olympiad will roll into action at Baku Crystal Hall, Azerbaijan from September 1 to 14.
The musem was established by couple Akyn and Birten GE[micro]kyay within the body of GE[micro]kyay Foundation Chess Museum.
There are around 370 chess players who participated, which makes this the largest level of participation in the championship.
10 GM Wesley So, who now plays for the United States, shows how ill Philippine chess has become.
For this isn't about conventional chess strategies or even advanced traditional chess; but about three-dimensional chess--and it requires a game board model (sold separately, due to logistics challenges) and advanced playing skills to prove inviting.
Synopsis: Model III : The Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model : An In-Depth Perspective of Sequential Conglomerates Informatics Playing the same chess games over and over for centuries is its own form of insanity.