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a sweet innocent baby

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an angel of the second order whose gift is knowledge

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But these cherubs were four footed beasts with long wings that reach over the mercy seat of the Holy of holies and on top of the Ark of the Covenant where the book of the covenant was and is now presently, beneath the mercy seat where the presence of God was.
"Three years of research, design, development and testing later, I've produced Cherubs.
A rather harmless symbol--until some Israelites who frequented the Yahwistic temples in Samaria's environs began to believe the shrine's cherub actually was Yahweh!
* Helping to hatch chicks at the Little Cherubs Nursery are, from left, Chloe Verallo, Monica Leigh, Catherine Leigh and Sofia Rowley Jones
STOLEN: The statues at William Shepherd's grave, left, were taken by thieves who also pulled out flowers SPECIAL VISIT: Florence Shepherd at the grave of husband William, inset, after vandals chiselled away two cherub statues, in the second similar attack on the memorial UPSET: Florence and her daughter Pauline, who discovered the damage
PLEASE SEND ME CODE QTY PRICE TOTAL Solar Cherub D2913 pounds 22.49 Postage and packing pounds 3.95 FINAL TOTAL I enclose a crossed cheque/PO for the amount of pounds ....................................
And people popping out to find romantic surprises for their loved ones will be put in the mood with cherubs and confetti.
Mum-of-two Lesley Hill, 49, has decorated partner Mark's resting place with statues of angels and cherubs.
For the apartments he chose chubby cherubs as part of a larger than life figurative fresco, applied as transfer-prints to the external glazed screens.
The situation is most abstruse as there are no cherubs, no angels, no fluffy clouds- none of his expectations of beyond; he soon accedes to his irreversible situation.
Watercolor completes these tender little compositions, the best of which generate a disquieting tension between Tenniel's Victorian girls and the pouty, short-skirted cherubs favored by Darger.
We've seen the chubby-cheeked cherubs of Raphael and the buffed Renaissance beauties of Caravaggio.
Genesee, Wis.: So, when you imagine the heavenly host--from the seraphim on down--you always see the cherubs with the face of Alfred Lunt, right?
After some persuasion, an usher set noisy, ancient folding chairs for us just below the azure, domed ceiling, which was filled with the three Graces and cherubs and in full view of the Phantom of the Opera-style crystal chandelier.