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variety of silica containing microcrystalline quartz

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20) Sobolev, Kitov, and Liapunov, "Osnovnye cherty kibernetiki," electronic version.
Description: Muddy beds intervene between the coarser facies of facies 1, 2, 3 and 4 and consist of very fine sand to silt to mudstones, wackestones and fissile--often cherty mudstones.
The Canol Formation consists of organic-rich, resistant, black siliceous cherty shale that weathers sulfur-yellow and bluish dark grey (Lemieux et al.
7) are part of the Southern Limestone/Dolomite Valley and Low Rolling Hills eco--region characterized by low rolling hills and valleys with limestone and cherty dolomite below (Bailey et al.
Soils were mesic Hapladults or typic Hapladults over weathered sandstone and weathered cherty limestone parent materials (NRCS websoil survey, 2009).
Not a vestige of mineralization remains in this narrow trench (Figure 13) that slices through highly metamorphosed cherty limestones and shales now altered to marbles, phyllites, and hornfels.
These clasts are essentially ophiolitic consisting of serpentine, olivine, pyroxenes, plagioclase and amphiboles with minor of cherty made up of microquartz and mega quartz.
Three bed, 2-bath 1,436 sqr condo with cherty wood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, washer and dryer, central air.
SiO2 is present in this limestone as impurities in various forms, for example as in cement stone and cherty limestone.
More kids eat fresh fruit if we put a dollop of whipped topping and a cherty on top.
They reported that massive deposits occur along or slightly above the top of the dacitic Bluff tuff-breccia, commonly in or near cherty andesitic rocks, whereas stringer deposits occur mainly in silicified tuff-breccias below the contact of the two units.
Bexar soils have a cherty clay loam to gravelly loam surface layer that is 36-56 cm thick and a cherty clay subsurface 15-36 cm thick (Taylor et al.
The Hanging Tree South Prospect corresponds to a copper and zinc anomalous cherty gossan within the Mimosa Unit, a strong coincident base metal soil anomaly and coincident EM and magnetic anomalies.
Finally, on a cold, dripping Ozark winter day in January of 2006, after several years of searching, he met his chinquapin ghosts on a cherty.
Cherty shows that, for top income groups, the benefits from reoptimizing in response to most tax changes over the past few decades would have only very modest benefits.