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variety of silica containing microcrystalline quartz

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Drill road construction exposed Snow Canyon sandstones, siltstones, and cherts in the South Limb target.
The basal horizon consists of iron stained, poorly sorted chert gravel with small rounded pebbles of quartzite and fine- to coarse-grained quartz sands that grade upward into quartz sand that, in turn, grades upward into yellowish-orange, sandy silts and clays, a typical meandering stream deposit.
The New Harmony Group is present only in the subsurface of southwestern Indiana, contains in ascending order the Grassy Knob Chert, The Backbone Limestone, and the Clear Creek Chert, and ranges in thickness from zero at its eroded limit to almost 900 feet (820 m).
The name New Harmony Group was proposed by Becker & Droste (1978) to include the Grassy Knob Chert, Backbone Limestone, and Clear Creek Chert (Fig.
Hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios in nodular and bedded cherts.
Raw materials of various qualities are available in the area as pebbles, cobbles, and nodules of chert, sandstone, and small amounts of quartzite.
The raw material distinction between handaxes and flake cores is less clear, as both types of reduction took place on brecciated cherts from the Mishash formation, which are found in secondary position on the coastal plain (Gvirtzman et al.
Results to date show that the Raglan Formation identified on the West Raglan property is hosted by a steeply-dipping, locally overturned sequence of massive and pillow basalt flows and interflow sulphidic sediments and cherts.
East of this fault, Chilitos breccia and altered sediments and cherts are exposed along a road cut.
11 percent zinc within altered felsic volcanics and cherts.
The staking covers the 3,000-meter trace of a regional fault cutting cherts and siltstones of Ordovician age.
Examination of the drill cuttings from the three drill holes have confirmed the proposed geologic model describing potential host units composed of coarse grained sediments and limestones lying below a thick section of mudstones and cherts.
The bedrock from the first hole consisting of cherts and siliceous volcanics with minor carbonates.
The property contains a series of andesites and pyroclastics and cherts mineralized with gold and copper.
Each tremor is the nephew of a laugh - sandstone, shale, chert from the Triassic near I-Forgetville.