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variety of silica containing microcrystalline quartz

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Alt's recent drilling confirmed broad zones of gold mineralisation in a package of ultramafic and mafic schists, sulphidic shales, and cherts including drillhole SBRC006, which returned 80 metres at 1.49g/t Au (Figure 2).
He said the chips from crude tools made of obsidian and chert could be traced to the Neolithic Period, around 3,000 BC, while the tradeware ceramics from China were from the late Ming dynasty circa 15th century, he said.
Many of their implements like stone hoes for crops and projectile points were made from Mill Creek chert found in Union County to our southeast.
A projectile point, off-cuts of laminated copper, a red glass seed bead, and a black chert scraper were found in the Basque occupation level near oven 52G4 (Drouin, 1988: 8).
My brother, Sam, is nearly as fond of chert as the nomads were.
Units 5 and 6 have yet to fully described, whereas unit 4 comprises alternating iron oxide-rich and iron oxide-poor sediments or repeating bundles of alternating sediment type, grading upwards into alternating layers of black shale and chert of unit 3 and further upwards into unit 2 comprised predominantly of black shale alternating with grey and black silty mudstones [22, 24].
To the best of our knowledge, the present paper is the first contribution reporting chemical and oxygen isotopic analyses of Roman and late Antique glass from northern Greece and chemical, mineralogical, and oxygen isotopic analyses of Greek chert, which revealed particularly interesting to discriminate various raw materials and production technologies and to advance hypothesis on possible local products.
The researchers studied volcanic rock and a kind of silica called chert that formed deep underwater.
In Kriol, speakers sometimes refer to it as 'bottle', presumably because of the partial translucence on the edges of fine chert shards.
6f) is a bi-marginally retouched tool on a thin gray chert flake, semi-circular and crescentic in outline.
SATURDAY'S SOLUTION: chert; cherty; chip; chirp; chirpy; chit; choir; chop; chore; chypre; cipher; echo; echt; ephor; epoch; etch; ethic; hector; heir; heriot; hero; heroic; hire; hoer; hope; hoper; hype; hyper; hypo; HYPOCRITE; ichor; itch; itchy; oche; ochre; ochry; other; perch; phot; photic; pitch; pitcher; pitchy; pith; pithy; porch; pother; retch; rhotic; rich; rochet; tech; techy; theory; thorp; thrice; thrip; tich; torch; trophic; trophy.
Chert was most recently head of international sales at Huayi Brothers Media Corp., where she helped launch sales on Asian titles such as "Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame" and "Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon" by Tsui Hark; "Aftershock" by Feng Xiao Gang ; "If You are the One II" by Feng Xiaogang; "Starry Starry Night" by Tom Lin; "Love" by Doze Niu; "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" by Wuershan.