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The terms used during statistical analysis included Status (Dead or Alive), Line (3N DENY, 3N hANA, 3N Northern, and 2N DEBY), Site (Pungoteague Creek, Nassawadox Creek, Cherrystone Creek, Locklies Creek, Milford Haven), and Period (first sampling, second sampling, and final sampling).
meat Fried Shrimp 6 jumbo--8 medium Shrimp Newburg 7 medium Sauteed Shrimp 6 jumbo--8 medium Softshell Crabs 2 crabs Clam Roast 8 cherrystone Steamed Clams 8 cherrystone Fried Clams 8 cherrystone Fried Oysters 7 select Oyster Stews 6 select Fried Scallops 8 small--6 large Sauteed Scallops 8 small--6 large Halibut 7 oz.
To help get the company off the ground, Slater has invested $130,000 so far in seed money, about one-third of which was equity and the rest convertible debt, Sparkman says; its last investment tranche of $30,000 was made in partnership with Cherrystone Angel Group.
Kidderminster's Fransen Transport, one of the region's best known international refrigerated haulage companies with over 30 years of trading, has been taken over in a "home-grown" deal by Birmingham-based Cherrystone Investments.
The V480 servers, code-named "Cherrystone," were launched in June 2002 using the 900MHz versions of the UltraSparc-III processors; at that time, Sun rolled these faster processors into the V880 servers.
In the early to mid 1930's, when the quahogs attained littleneck and cherrystone sizes, authorities in New York temporarily banned the importation of Raritan Bay quahogs for public health reasons.
The most profitable specie being grown in Northampton's aquaculture farms is the famous Cherrystone Clam, which has grown from less than a $1 million dollar industry in 1990 to more than $20 million in 2001.
cembroides) and other small trees, such as cherrystone and alligator junipers (Juniperus monosperma, J.
1 cup white wine 18 mussels, cleaned 18 cherrystone clams, about 2 to 3 inches in diameter 12 large shrimp 12 cherry tomatoes, cut in half 1 large red onion, thinly sliced 1 cup fresh basil, torn into bite-sized pieces 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon chopped Italian parsley 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives 1 tablespoon capers Seasoning salt to taste Pepper to taste Scrub mussels and clams, clean off all dirt and sand.
virginica from several different domesticated lines developed by ABC were sampled from four different waterways around the Chesapeake Bay: York River, Cherrystone Inlet, Rappahannock River, and Milford Haven.
NIGHT A big outing in Brooklyn, starting with a cherrystone clam pizza at Motorino, then stopping into a series of my favourite bars for craft beer and good bourbon.
The northern quahog is a smaller clam, commonly referred to as cherrystone clams or littleneck clams.
''All hell broke loose,'' said Joe Colony, who has been coming to Cherrystone Family Camping & RV Resort campground along the Chesapeake Bay for 30 years.