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having the approximate size of a cherry

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I grew two plants in each of four 12in hanging baskets, which has suited their gently cascading habit, and have been picking plenty of delicious, cherry-sized tomatoes since June.
The cherry-sized fruit has magenta-coloured flesh and is little sweeter than standard varieties.
Unripe cherry-sized fruits should be removed, as these will not develop further.
a) Unripe b) Imported c) Cherry-sized 13 Which colour is most likely to attract mosquitoes?
Marks & Spencer has just launched the cherry-sized baby fruits and store bosses think they will become a lunchbox favourite.
It is fast ripening and loaded throughout the summer with sweetly-flavoured, cherry-sized fruits, which kids adore eating straight from the plant.
After harvesting the mature fruit remove any which are cherry-sized as these will not ripen.
A new variety to try is Loveheart or Cutie which has unique cherry-sized, heart-shaped fruits with a tangy flavour.
FOR a change to the usual scarlet red cherry-sized radish, try the novelty white cylindrical roots of the Japanese radish in salads.
Unripe cherry-sized fruits should be removed as these will not develop further.
You won't be disappointed with a home-grown crop of cherry-sized Gardener's Delight.
ADRIENNE SAYS: For great colour try Yellow Debut, a new variety that produces sweet, succulent, cherry-sized fruit.
The Ornamental Crab Red Jade (inset) makes a pretty picture too, with its cherry-sized red fruit.