cherry laurel

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frequently cultivated Eurasian evergreen shrub or small tree having showy clusters of white flowers and glossy foliage and yielding oil similar to bitter almond oil

small flowering evergreen tree of southern United States

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The evergreen cherries include Prunus lusitanica of Portugal and Prunus laurocerasus, the cherry laurel.
The Cherry Laurel, which has been built by Marston's Inns and Taverns, is a family-focused public house and will be able to welcome 180 drinkers and diners for pub food.
Evergreen cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) with its bold, shiny green leaves is tolerant of a wide range of conditions and can be clipped to a tight evergreen hedge as can privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium).
He points to the opening of the Cherry Laurel in Bridgend as a good example of the success of the company's strategy.
Also watch out for the toxic seed pods of castor oil plants, cherry laurel fruits and lily bulbs all of which dogs might mistake for titbits.
36 Which Roman emperor is recorded as having poisoned his enemies' wells with cherry laurel water, which contains cyanide?
As single specimens, the laurels - cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) and the Portugal laurel (P.
The new pub - already named the Cherry Laurel - will have seating for 180 people and have a 70-space car park.
An important cause of sporadic livestock poisoning is the thoughtless disposal of garden refuse such as hedge trimmings from yew, box, laburnum, cherry laurel, privet and rhododendron into fields where it may be accessible to livestock.
This week we have been pruning a large evergreen hedge of Portuguese laurel, a superior type of laurel to the common cherry laurel usually seen in gardens.
Once upon a time the Cherry Laurel, Prunus laurocerasus, was the edging of choice in the gardens of the Victorian gentry.
Use secateurs to clip out any straying shoots in a cherry laurel hedge, as any leaves which are clipped with shears tend to brown and die.
Driving down a country lane last week I noticed that a big cherry laurel was arching over the road full of upright spurs dressed in creamy flowers.
The conifers were felled and 18,000 young British native trees were planted while the volunteers now meet regularly to clear bracken, bramble and voracious cherry laurel to allow the wildlife to return.
Woodland conservation charity Coed Cadw is getting to grips with the problem of rampaging rhododendron and cherry laurel at Pen y Coed, a part ancient woodland which it owns near Llangollen.