cherry bomb

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a red ball-shaped firecracker with high explosive power

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Similar to the fireball rig, the cherry bomb suspends baits off the bottom, allowing the scent trail to disperse efficiently.
MIRANDA: Nia and Rena had this book Cherry Bomb that we read when we were trying to come up with a name.
Glossy red Singer Kimberly Wyatt is a fan of BM Beauty's Cherry Bomb Lip Gloss - a sheer, glossy red that's very on-trend for summer.
0% ABV ale with sour apple and oak tannin flavors, along with hints of banana and coriander; Chocolate Cherry Bomb, an 8.
The flavours include cherry bomb, cappuccino crunch, praline heart and caramel cup.
Fowley penned Cherry Bomb, their most famous song, for Currie at her audition.
Varieties currently in season include Futilla, Cherry Bomb, the sweet pepper Thor and jalapeno Herculese.
The red hot chillies Hungarian Wax, Thai Sun and Cherry Bomb are marketed by the Really Welsh Trading Company, which gives 5% of the profits to Welsh charities.
EOGB's new Cherry Bomb Gel Deodorizer is a handy sized fuel oil deodorant which leaves a pleasant cherry odour and is ideal for positioning near the burner upon completion of the service, or to be left in the engineers van.
It also addresses Jolt's taste and flavor profile, which includes Blue Raspberry, Power Cola, Cherry Bomb, Ultra Sugar-Free and two new flavors, Wild Grape and Orange Blast.
Show opener Joan Jett and the Blackhearts won over the crowd with Cherry Bomb, I Love Rock & Roll and I Hate Myself For Loving You but she must be one of the few artists still covering Gary Glitter songs.
A police officer was injured as a cherry bomb exploded, the prefecture of the Seine-Saint-Denis region said.
I have been thinking that the very word has become a cherry bomb that men of the church throw at women of the church--a sad state of affairs.
Flavors include tangy Artillery Apple and sweet Cherry Bomb.
In Swerve, one cherry bomb falls at the feet of the legendary TV interviewer Barbara Walters and the whole crew at ABC's The View, which Tyler says is sometimes as backwards as a tour bus barreling in reverse.