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Synonyms for cherry

wood of any of various cherry trees especially the black cherry

a red the color of ripe cherries

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of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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Recently, UNDP with assistance of the Foreign Trade Ministry of Uzbekistan conducted practical seminars on advanced approaches for sweet cherry cultivation in Namangan, Fergana and Andijan regions These seminars aimed at improving capacities of agricultural enterprises in sweet cherries cultivation and their export potential as well as increasing the knowledge on access to foreign markets and applying best practices in managing cherry orchards.
An 'unofficial' harvest of cherries, in which a hood is used as a makeshift bag, is depicted on folio 196V of the early 14th-century Luttrell Psalter (Fig.
The colossal cherries are handpicked from family-owned farms in the Pacific Northwest and then infused with premium spirits (6 percent Alcohol by Volume).
Take 2 cups of dried cherries and pour boiling water over them.
Marks & Spencer said they always looked to offer the best value for all products, and the PS8 cherries were "bigger than standard cherries, handpicked, juicy and sweet".
Acquiring the cherry operations of Bell Foods International supports our effort to supply our customers with the highest quality maraschino cherries made with locally grown fruit," says Tim Ramsey, the co-op's president and CEO.
Each box contains 20 pieces--or give a gift crate containing chocolate-covered cherries, Bing Cherry Jam, and Cherry & Hazlenut Dark Chocolate Bark Bar.
2 THEY all tend to fall within three main groups - sweet, sour and the "in-betweens", known as Duke cherries.
Srinagar, July 3 ( ANI ): Cherry farmers in Kashmir valley are expecting a bumper production of cherries this year thanks to the timely rains and abundant snowfall during the winters.
Dwarf Montmorency cherries were recently grown by a city farmer without bird nets.
1 GO SAVOURY cherries are great additions to summer salads.
We believe that the technology on this line will help us improve returns to the land through better sizing and sorting of cherries, while simultaneously reducing sorting costs.
But the super ingredient of the day was Hammana's famous cherries, and in keeping with the theme, the Hamzas had made their special cherry-apple-grape concoction.
Bubbling with juicy cherries, this deliciously crisp drink can be drunk straight or used as a mixer.
The tree is smaller than the wild cherry (growing to a height of 4--10 m), has twiggy branches, and its crimson-to-near-black cherries are borne upon shorter stalks.