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a cigar with both ends cut flat

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Guard emerges from the tap, where he prefers breakfasting, licking round a tough- looking doubtful cheroot, which you might tie round your finger, and three whiffs of which would knock any one else out of time.
Tom is encouraged by a remark or two of the guard's between the puffs of his oily cheroot, and besides is getting tired of not talking.
The guard stopped and pulled away at his cheroot, regarding Tom benignantly the while.
Murthwaite was so interested in what he heard, that he let his cheroot go out.
How you have escaped them I can't imagine," says the eminent traveller, lighting his cheroot again, and staring hard at Mr.
I have to admit spluttering a little on my cheroot when I saw how wide Craig Williams decided to race up the stand's side out of stall 15.
I also saw a wrinkled, old lady who must have been about a hundred swiftly whip out a cheroot that was the size of a small bouquet of flowers and puff away for any photographer tourist who displayed the slightest interest in her
For significance test the Cheroot Mokhli, the K-2 is estimated and since it was significant the symmetrical hypothesis of the variance is rejected, in order to correct the weak point the epsilon method is used.
Responding to the fashions of the day, Huron-Wendat embroiderers produced articles such as cheroot and calling card cases, needlecases, spectacles and scissors cases, notebooks, purses, pincushions, dish-like pin trays, fans, small lidded boxes, and miniature furniture.
Tobacco production of PTPN X is all for export to be used for cheroot.
With his trademark cheroot, the lighting of which signaled that he was about to dispatch bad guys, the coolly menacing and anti-heroic gunslinger epitomized a certain type of masculinity that Vaux associates with the apocalyptic "angel of death" in the Book of Revelation.
Sitting outside at half-time with an Absinthe and small cheroot, among friends, the conversation quickly turned to our requirements for next season.
Stories like the one from the cheroot filter, about boys who remember the names of strangers and tame snakes and know the location of household items in houses they've never seen before, are very popular.
Aboard a riverboat, a caricatured slave dealer with a "black coat and black tie and black hat, a black cheroot set at an authoritative angle and the black mustaches curled and oiled to a patent-leather glister" (58) threatens to throw the white slave, Amantha, to the "rough niggers" below decks (59).