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a cigar with both ends cut flat

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Murthwaite was so interested in what he heard, that he let his cheroot go out.
How you have escaped them I can't imagine," says the eminent traveller, lighting his cheroot again, and staring hard at Mr.
Guard emerges from the tap, where he prefers breakfasting, licking round a tough- looking doubtful cheroot, which you might tie round your finger, and three whiffs of which would knock any one else out of time.
Tom is encouraged by a remark or two of the guard's between the puffs of his oily cheroot, and besides is getting tired of not talking.
We pulled up at the beginning of the line, and pacified them, and we're never going to carry no more pea-shooters, unless they promises not to fire where there's a line of Irish chaps a-stonebreaking." The guard stopped and pulled away at his cheroot, regarding Tom benignantly the while.
Bobby with infinite craft lit himself a cheroot with the left hand (his right arm was numbed to the elbow), and resigned himself to a night of pain.
A daunting figure appeared in a leather coat, smoking a bent cheroot, and swept in pursued by a pretty assistant.
I buy the other items so meticulously scribbled down by the wife, and stopping off at the tobacco and cigar store for my daily cheroot, carrying what I hope is the first and last of the seasonal gifts, I fight my way through the throng and meander back to the bus station.
When chores were done in the afternoon, she would put a pillow on the wall, lay her back on it and start to read with a Tabacalera cheroot, yes, the lighted end inside her mouth - something that never stopped to amaze me.
As a young woman, Jean worked in the JR Freeman cigar factory sorting cheroot cigars.
The Minister further suggested that the tax rate of Napa Tiles should be reduced to 5 percent, the commodity Natu Tobacco Cheroot may be exempted from cess, the tax rate on Cheroots may be reduced from 28 percent, the tax rate on tractors be reduced from 12 to 5 percent.
George Clausen's portrait of Robert Weir Schultz shows the Scottish Arts & Crafts architect holding a burning cheroot between his fingers rather than compasses.
Screw-top gold and silver handles variously revealed sticks containing a flask of cologne or a vinaigrette to ward off the evil smells of drains and open sewers, while others were intended to carry snuff, tobacco, pipe, cheroot or cigarette holder, cigar cutters, vesta case, spirit flask and glass, corkscrew or pill box.