chernozemic soil

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a rich black loam of Russia

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Study sites were located near the transition from the Mixedgrass Prairie to the southern Aspen Parkland vegetation zone (Strong and Leggat, 1992), and represented a range of common soil and growing conditions from Dark Brown to Black Chernozemic soils (Agriculture Canada Expert Committee on Soil Survey, 1987).
Site 1 was established in November 1990, on a Dark Brown Chernozemic soil about 15 km southeast of Lethbridge, Alberta (Larney et al.
Effect of crop rotations and rotation phase on characteristics of soil organic matter in a Dark Brown Chernozemic soil. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 72, 403-16.
We established a wind erosion study site in November 1990 on a Dark Brown Chernozemic soil (Typic Haploboroll) about 15 km (9 mi) southeast of Lethbridge, Alberta (49 [degrees] 37[minutes] N, 112 [degrees] 38[minutes] W).
Wu T, Schoenau JJ, Li F, Qian P, Malhi SS, Shi Y (2003) Effect of tillage and rotation on organic carbon forms of chernozemic soils in Saskatchewan.