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a rich black loam of Russia

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Object of research: Haplic Chernozem, the steppe non-saline slightly frozen calcareous carbonate chernozem of the South-European facies of the northern part of the Krasnodar Krai.
Russian soil science has its origins in the work of Vasilii Dokuchaev, the author of Russkii chernozem (Russian Black Earth), which was published in 1883 and rapidly became highly influential in Russian naturalist circles.
The experiments were carried out on the Ltkep Experimental Station of the Institute of Crop Sciences of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen on calcareous chernozem soil.
The soils of the river banks in the couloir are advanced chernozems cambic and clay-illuvial--, while the soils of the Mures meadow and of the major branches around the vineyard are alluvial soils, often flooded, or phreatic-gleyic ones, which are not suitable for winegrowing.
To apply differentiated primary tillage in grain crops of arable rotation on leached chernozem, where surface and shallow nonmoldboard soil cultivation to a depth of no more than 12 cm for annual grasses and cereal crops is alternated with deep plowing or moldboard tillage to the depth of 22-25 cm for arable crops
Processes of disturbance by human activity, such as mixing of the upper soil profile by ploughing, humification and relatively slight pedogenetic clay differentiation, are characteristic for the studied Luvic Chernozem of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin.
belonging to Prunus genus, are also popular in the Central Chernozem Area.
1]) Chernozem chernico SIRDF Productor 3 Cuauhtemoc Montoya Composta 10 (t [ha.
Chernozem soils supporting these steppes on the northern macroslope have a high carbonate (7-10%) and humus status (3-15%).
Bioremediation of oil-polluted chernozem soil", Biotechnology in Russia [in Russian], No.
There isn't other country in the world that has chernozem (black earth) till 80% of the land surface.
The most common soils in these areas are the ordinary and southern chernozems, meadow and meadow-chernozem soil, as well as salt licks, and their complexes.
RZ Agro Holding will seek to extend its agricultural assets via organic growth and acquisitions in the key regions of southern Russia and central Chernozem, Sistema president and CEO Mikhail Shamolin commented.