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Synonyms for cherimoya

small tropical American tree bearing round or oblong fruit

large tropical fruit with leathery skin and soft pulp

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Washington, Mar 15 (ANI): Custard apple, or cherimoya -'the most delicious fruit known to man' as Mark Twain called it - is all set to go seedless, thanks to the efforts by some American and Spanish plant scientists.
When you buy it in the states, it's called cherimoya -- it's pretty tasteless," she said.
Sources in the Malaga region of Spain where the cherimoya (also known as custard apple) is grown, said hall and rain had bruised some of the early crop this year, but claimed the situation would improve as the season progresses.
Borba's Skin Balance Firming Aqua-less Crystalline contains cherimoya and a bio-vitamin complex intended to support the skin's natural support system, remove epidermal toxins and improve elasticity.
The company will be presenting a new generation of tea mixtures with exotic flavours and unusual recipes that combine such aromatic fruits as tamarillo, kiwano, kumquat, cherimoya, rambutan and grenadilla, under the trade fair motto: The Taste of the World from the Home of Tea.
Bullock's Heart and Cherimoya are types of Cristiano Ronaldo born in February 1985?
Chilean imports also go beyond standard fare and include some fairly esoteric fruits such as red currants, cherimoya and Lucuma.
Their wines for the summer include estate chardonnay and unoaked chardonnay, both with complex fruit of pineapple and cherimoya.
Botanical cousins, the cherimoya and pawpaw both belong to the Annonaceae family.
The wine offers inviting aromas of buttery apple/pear and honey; these flavors play out on the palate, joined by a South Pacific medley of Tahitian vanilla, cherimoya and pineapple notes; toasty oak and nutmeg are revealed in the finish.
This includes the seeds of guava, passionfruit, star fruit, cherimoya and lychee.
Bullock's Heart and Cherimoya are types of which exotic fruit?
It works just as well with mango, papaya, cherimoya, jicama, guava, pineapple, cactus pear or passion fruit.
New Fruit: Exotic fruits like cherimoya, starfruit, prickly pear, rambutan, mangosteen, jackfruit and dragon fruit are among those often chosen.
The beverages are available in Black and Blue Berry, Acai Fruit Punch and Tropical Cherimoya flavors.