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Synonyms for chequered

patterned with alternating squares of color

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The western end was already steeped in moon- shine; the rest, and the block house itself, still lay in a black shadow chequered with long silvery streaks of light.
At one side was a barrowman with a load of walnuts, and beside the barrow a bedraggled woman with a black fringe and a chequered shawl thrown over her head.
At the present moment Athanase, leaning pensively on his elbow at the breakfast table, was twirling his spoon in his empty cup and contemplating with a preoccupied eye the poor room with its red brick floor, its straw chairs, its painted wooden buffet, its pink and white curtains chequered like a backgammon board, which communicated with the kitchen through a glass door.
No Of Chequers Per 100Mm X 100Mm Area 16 To 20 Length Of Each Chequered Projection -24 /- 0.
There was a galaxy of stars in Abu Dhabi at the weekend gracing the red carpet at the annual Chequered Flag Ball.